'Wings flapping in mid-air' was asked to edit the offensive scene 2

'Wings flapping in mid-air' was asked to edit the offensive scene 2

Vietnamese films attending this year's Venice Film Festival were forced to cut out and edit some images that were deemed `offensive, not in accordance with Vietnamese culture, and some lines that were vulgar and cursed`.

On August 12, the National Film Review Council appraised the feature film Wings in Mid-Air, a work participating in this year’s Venice Film Festival, by director Nguyen Hoang Diep.

According to the Cinema Department, the film addresses a dark aspect in the lives of today’s youth.

Female director Nguyen Hoang Diep and the sound expert in the editing room are editing `Wings in the Air` after the first approval.

On August 18, after receiving the editing request from the Cinema Department, director Nguyen Hoang Diep directly made editing changes on the film Wings in Mid-Air.

According to information from the organizers of the Venice Film Festival, Wings in the Air will have three screenings from September 1 to September 3, including a press screening, an official world premiere and a screening.

The organizers also promised that the press conference for Wings in Mid-Air would be a special event because the film was considered a `shocking choice` for the Venice film selection committee this year.

'Wings flapping in mid-air' was asked to edit the offensive scene

Thuy Anh of `Quartet 10A8` plays the main role in `Wings Flapping in Mid-Air`.

`I feel very nervous.

98 minutes long, Flapping Wings in Mid-Air was conceived and performed by Nguyen Hoang Diep for 5 years.

Venice International Film Critics Week is an independent program dedicated to debut films within the framework of the Venice Film Festival.

'Wings flapping in mid-air' was asked to edit the offensive scene

Tran Bao Son plays a man with a passion for pregnant women.

In addition, the Federation of European and Mediterranean Film Critics (FEDEORA) will award two more awards, one for `Best Film` and one for `Best Screenplay/Best Cinematography`.

The Italian Film Critics Association (SNCCI) commented on Wings in Mid-Air: `This is a shocking film among all the films selected this year, and at the same time a certain discovery of a talented director.`

The 71st Venice International Film Festival takes place in the beautiful Italian city from August 27 to September 6.

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