Why does Christmas have to have a pine tree? 2

Why does Christmas have to have a pine tree? 2

In many countries around the world, pine trees represent rebirth and strong life in the cold winter.

Asians often use symbols such as peaches, kumquats, and apricot to celebrate Tet, while Europeans and Americans, their choices are pine or spruce trees (belonging to the pine family).

Since ancient times, evergreen trees (represented by pine) have been considered a symbol of life in the cold winter.

The pine tree becomes a symbol of every Christmas season.

In the early Middle Ages, the legend of the decorative pine tree developed when Jesus was reborn in winter.

Legend has it that Saint Boniface, while on a pilgrimage, accidentally encountered pagan worshipers gathered around a large oak tree.

To save the child, the saint knocked down the oak tree with one fist.

One of the most convincing theories about the use of pine trees is that the Christmas tree began in medieval plays.

Why does Christmas have to have a pine tree?

Decorated pine tree at Windsor Castle in England.

During the 16th century, such plays were banned in many places.

According to another legend, when Christianity was not yet born, trees that were green all year round often had a very special meaning for people in winter.

In 1841, Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, first decorated the tree at Windsor Castle with candles, a variety of candies, and ginger bread.

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