When traveling is no longer just about discovery 5

When traveling is no longer just about discovery 5

In addition to the pleasures of relaxation, entertainment and exploring new lands, charity and environmental protection activities are combined in many tours, making the trips more meaningful and unforgettable.

Recently, many tourists, especially foreign tourists, have shown great interest in this type of tourism that focuses on specific meaningful activities, thereby finding interesting things in life.

Tourism combined with charity

This type of tourism combines experience, discovery and volunteer work.

One of the popular stops on the current charity tourism itinerary is the Northern mountainous provinces such as Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Cao Bang, Bac Can, Dien Bien… These are all places with many ethnic minorities.

When participating in this special journey, tourists will directly participate in charity work at schools and villages such as donating books, blankets, warm clothes, and donating money to increase protein for meals.

Tourists visit the Thien Phuoc facility for nurturing and sponsoring disabled children, Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to destinations in remote areas, tourists can also choose big cities for their charity journey.

Trash picking tour

Spending money to travel to pick up trash may seem absurd, but this is actually a very interesting journey that has been organized into a tour and attracts a lot of attention from foreign tourists.

In Mai Chau, along with the pleasure of admiring the majestic natural landscape of the mountains and forests, the poetic rice fields and the cultural identity of the ethnic minorities here, visitors will spend some time

When traveling is no longer just about discovery

Foreign tourists actively pick up trash in Ha Long.

In Ha Long, foreign tourists, regardless of race, nationality or age, will use thin plastic gloves to collect waste paper, plastic bags, and empty water bottles left on the beach.

Traveling while building roads and planting trees

In addition to charity and trash picking activities cleverly combined in many tours, some travel companies also launch annual programs to contribute to the community that are very attractive and meaningful, one of which activates

When traveling is no longer just about discovery

Tourists plant trees at Cuc Phuong forest, Ninh Binh.

Through the cycling journey on quiet roads to places with beautiful landscapes such as Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh…, participants will embark on road building and tree planting to improve the living environment.

In Da Lat, the `tree planting tour` was also formed in response to the increasingly shrinking green pine area.

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