What will Donald Trump do first if he leads the White House? 0

What will Donald Trump do first if he leads the White House? 0

Drafting a wall to separate Mexico or quickly realizing a plan to ban Muslims from immigrating to the US are things billionaire Donald Trump will likely do first.

US Republican presidential candidate, billionaire Donald Trump.

With Ohio governor John Kasich, Donald Trump’s only remaining Republican opponent, leaving the race for the White House, the New York tycoon will automatically become the party’s representative candidate for the US presidential election.

Based on the interviews that billionaire Trump recently conducted, observers painted a hypothetical picture of America as well as outlined some policies that he may implement in the first three months of his presidency.

Strategy and decisions

Not long after the conclusion of the general election on November 8, newly elected President Donald Trump and the vice president will begin interviewing candidates for vacant positions on the Supreme Court, and at the same time

President Trump will also embark on `building a government based on relationships`, perhaps starting by inviting Republican leaders Paul D. Ryan and Mitch McConnell away from the cold of the season.

On the day he was sworn in, he attended one or two `beautiful` parties and then focused mainly on rescinding the executive orders passed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, on the issue.

On the last day of his first three months as the 45th president of the United States, the design of the wall separating Mexico will be completed, the Muslim ban is about to take effect, and the audit of the Department will be completed.

`I understand that, right now, it’s impossible to know what a President Trump would look like,` he said.

The New York Times has interviewed billionaire Trump a total of three times in the past two months.

Donald Trump can limit sharing on Twitter but everyone will know what he thinks, commented commentator Patrick Healy.

`As president, I will work with the vice president and my team from day one to make sure that America changes for the better,` Mr. Trump said in an interview via email.

Besides, Trump is also aware that he will face large and persistent waves of protests opposing him becoming president of the United States.

Mr. Trump once said he would try to unite Republicans with disaffected Democrats and independent voters in the next six months, before the November general election.

According to billionaire Trump, the fact that he does not have to mobilize wealthy donors to get funding for his election campaign may be the factor that attracts a large number of voters to support him because through that, they will see

`I know a lot of people don’t like what I do, but I’m not running to be a president that everyone loves,` Mr. Trump said.

Some of Trump’s friends and allies said `negotiation` is the word he uses most when talking about his plans for the first 100 days of running the presidential office.

`He will not stray away from the proposed agenda,` said Roger Stone, political consultant for billionaire Trump’s election campaign.

However, Mr. Trump will have to go through an extremely difficult road if he wants to fulfill all that he promised.

`Trump thinks he can do everything mentioned, but the amount of work he has to deal with will be extremely large, and the power he holds will also be limited by precedent.

However, Trump once said he would keep his promises to the end, even if they could cause him trouble or even create public anger.

The tycoon said that on his first day working at the White House, he will meet with Homeland Security officials, military generals and other politicians to discuss measures to tighten the southern border, and at the same time

He will also call the heads of companies such as Pfizer, Carrier Corporation, Ford or Nabisco to warn that their products are likely to face a 35% tariff because they are moving jobs out of the country.

`Bilateral dialogues with Mexico on the issue of erecting the barrier will quickly begin and I will soon summon the executives to the Oval Office,` he said.

When asked which foreign leaders he would call first as US president, Trump emphasized `they are not necessarily a top priority`.

`We need to take a tougher stance with other countries,` he said.

`His first 100 days will attract a lot of attention,` commented Ari Fleischer, former press secretary of President George W. Bush.

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