Warning that 5 million Swedes may be infected with nCoV 1

Warning that 5 million Swedes may be infected with nCoV 1

Professor Tom Britton warns that half of Sweden's population will be infected with nCoV by the end of April, when the country will `kind of go it alone` against Covid-19.

`This is such a dangerous infectious disease that it could infect half of Sweden’s population by the end of this month. It will then spread uncontrollably and may only slow down a little at the end of May when 2

Swedish people stroll under cherry blossoms in the capital Stockholm.

More than 2,000 doctors, scientists and professors in Sweden have signed a petition calling on the government to introduce stricter and stronger epidemic control measures.

`We are not testing, tracking and isolating enough. We still let nCoV freely spread out there and they are leading us to disaster,` said Professor Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, virus expert at Karolinska Institutet

Sweden, a country of more than 10 million people, currently ranks 19th on the list of countries affected by Covid-19 globally, with nearly 5,600 cases and 308 deaths.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven also tightened many other regulations, such as limiting gatherings to more than 50 people instead of the previous 500 people.

Until now, Sweden has still refused to take many drastic anti-epidemic measures like its neighbors and many other European countries.

Swedish officials said they do not deny the danger of Covid-19 but believe they can control it based on the community’s sense of responsibility, in addition to recommendations for frequent hand washing and social distancing.

`That’s how we operate. All of our disease control systems are based on the principle of voluntary action. The vaccination system is also completely voluntary and 98% covered by insurance,`

Prime Minister Lofven also called on citizens to act responsibly towards the community if symptoms of the disease appear, saying that the government cannot issue laws and ban everything.

`We as adults need to act responsibly: not spread rumors and sow panic. No one is alone in the crisis, but everyone has a great responsibility,` Mr. Lofven said.

Mr. Tegnell and his team previously published assessments of the progress of Covid-19 in Sweden and estimated that when the epidemic peaked, Stockholm would record about 250 cases requiring special care.

He also added that a field hospital with about 600 beds will be opened in the south of Stockholm to deal with Covid-19, so there is no need to impose stricter restrictions at this time.

Warning that 5 million Swedes may be infected with nCoV

The restaurant remained open in the capital Stockholm on March 27.

Tegnell has argued that there is little evidence of the effectiveness of the lockdowns being implemented across Europe.

`They only study flu, but flu is very different and even if there is a closure due to flu, this measure should be taken at a later stage. Furthermore, you cannot close schools for a long time

He also noted that, unlike Spain and Italy, multi-generational families living together are rare in Sweden, making it easier for the country to quarantine the most vulnerable elderly.

However, Sweden’s `go-it-alone` approach is making many countries on the Scandinavian peninsula, including Denmark, Finland and Norway, feel worried.

`Seeing what is happening in Sweden is like watching a horror movie. We are afraid that the situation is getting worse as the country is still very comfortable with the epidemic,` said Lisbeth Davidsen, a Danish journalist.

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