Vaccination strategy helps America escape the Covid-19 tragedy 0

Vaccination strategy helps America escape the Covid-19 tragedy 0

Since coming to power, Biden has always urgently urged officials to speed up vaccination, helping the US save the Covid-19 situation.

Over the past 100 days, US President Joe Biden and his top advisers have launched a wartime effort to get millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses into the hands of Americans with the goal of repelling Covid-19, the pandemic.

This effort has transformed the United States from a country criticized for its poor response to the pandemic to a global leader in vaccination.

Joe Biden in December, when he was still the elected US president, received the first Covid-19 vaccine shot in Delaware.

In a recent interview with CNN, three top government Covid-19 advisers and two White House officials revealed how President Biden’s team turned the situation around.

President Biden, at times impatient, has constantly pressed his team of advisers to find ways to improve federal agencies’ response to Covid-19.

Fully aware that the vaccination campaign will have a huge impact on his presidency, Biden and his team of aides have set specific vaccination goals and promoted federal responses to make them a reality.

The US President ordered the deployment of the military and mobilized the Federal Emergency Response Agency to support vaccination work, establish a federal pharmaceutical program and provide funding for community health centers.

In addition, the $1,900 billion American Rescue Plan also helps significantly fund vaccination efforts.

`From day one, the urgency has always been top priority, we are fighting the virus,` Jeff Zients, the White House’s Covid-19 response coordinator, said in an interview with CNN.

When Biden took office, the US saw about 3,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of new infections every day, only about 15 million people were vaccinated and vaccine supply was also scarce.

Administration officials pointed to pressure from President Biden as the main reason they had to speed up their own actions.

`He’s quite impatient,` Anthony Fauci, White House medical advisor and America’s leading epidemiologist, commented on President Biden.

Biden set milestones, starting with a commitment to inject 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine in his first 100 days in office.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, once said this was a less ambitious goal.

But Biden fulfilled his promise after only 58 days.

He himself announced important milestones in the anti-epidemic effort, such as the government’s purchase of 200 million additional doses of vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna, the emergency use authorization of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine, or the government’s

On the other hand, President Biden is also careful when making promises to not create subjective psychology among the public.

`We must start by increasing access, ensuring that people can get vaccinated in a place where they feel comfortable and trust the person giving them the vaccine,` said Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, leader of the working group.

Obstacles in the implementation process are inevitable, for example, the snowstorm disaster in February caused vaccine distribution and transportation to be delayed even though supply was increasing.

A healthcare worker received the Covid-19 vaccine at Kaiser Permanente medical center in Los Angeles, California in December 2020.

President Biden’s team has always asserted that those challenges will not affect supply or their vaccine goals, and the J&J vaccine is now back in use.

However, stopping the vaccination still created initial confusion, causing many people to worry that it would increase exclusionary sentiment among those who do not really trust the vaccine.

Experts assess whether the Biden administration can eliminate skepticism and convince all people to use the vaccine or not will be the deciding factor in whether the US can win the final victory over Covid-19 and move forward.

The government always affirms that it will lead with science, but scientific information and evidence are often released slowly and cannot keep up with the public’s eagerness to quickly return to normal life.

Some critics believe that President Biden’s team should have issued guidelines on travel and social interactions after vaccination sooner, to create motivation for vaccination.

`I don’t think all people know what they should do,` said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and visiting professor at George Washington University.

More than half of US adults have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, but vaccinating the other half will be much more difficult.

Now that all American adults are eligible to receive the vaccine, the vaccination campaign begins to enter a new phase: A massive PR campaign on social networks, TV, radio and newspapers with the participation of all American adults.

`We want to make sure the messages are tailored appropriately,` Dr. Nunez-Smith said.

Vu Hoang (According to CNN)

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