Use branded goods in North Korea 2

Use branded goods in North Korea 2

Despite the strict embargo on luxury goods, the upper class in Pyongyang (North Korea) still drive Lexus, drink good wine and watch flat-screen TVs.> The North Korean President's huge fleet of cars> Pictures of the war

According to foreign employees working in North Korea, recently, the number of cars traveling on the road is even more crowded and bustling than before.

Mr. Yoon Sang-Hyun, a South Korean parliamentarian, said that since 2009, the international community has imposed a strict embargo on all luxury goods imported into North Korea.

Channel or D&G fashion brands are sold at Pothongang shopping center, Pyongyang.

During the period 2008 – 2010, North Korea imported a lot of high-end goods such as cars, cigarettes, flat screen TVs, digital cameras or electronic devices.

Pothongang Ryugyong is the first high-end shopping center in North Korea and was opened at the end of 2011. Here, imported items from food, clothing to electronics and furniture are packed full.

A bottle of champagne in Pothongang sells for 93 USD, double the price of a similar product in France.

Other luxury items on sale are high-end watches, jewelry, foreign perfumes, flat-screen TVs and speakers.

Another favorite place for brand hunters is the Tongil market located south of Pyongyang.

The shops and markets here all source termites from China.

When a government official marries a businesswoman, they are known as North Korea’s golden couple.

Images of the lives of the upper class in North Korea

Ha Thu (according to AFP)

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