Trump - Biden's race to earn and spend campaign money 3

Trump - Biden's race to earn and spend campaign money 3

For the first time in this election, Joe Biden has more campaign money than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is entering the final stages of the general election with $141 million more money than Donald Trump.

Biden and the Democratic National Committee, along with their affiliated fundraising groups, have $466 million in the bank, according to a Biden campaign official.

In August, Biden spent $130 million compared to Trump’s $61 million, mainly due to Trump cutting spending on television advertising.

Mr. Joe Biden at a campaign event.

Despite cutting TV spending, Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show Trump’s August spending was not much different from July, driven by a surge in digital advertising.

Trump started his re-election race with hundreds of millions of dollars he had accumulated many years ago, while former Vice President Biden went through an expensive primary campaign.

The mystery of Trump’s spending

Three-quarters of the money the Trump campaign spent last month went through American Made Media Consultants (AMMC), the company the FEC described as responsible for creating and placing the campaign’s TV and digital ads, as well as

If the Trump campaign needs to cut its budget, the biggest place to cut is at AMMC.

AMMC is the subject of a campaign finance complaint alleging funneling funds to vendors and obscuring campaign disbursements.

In response, the Trump campaign insisted it was in full compliance with campaign finance laws, saying AMMC `builds efficiencies and saves the campaign money by providing in-house services that would otherwise

Politico said that it is unclear exactly where the money will go after entering AMMC’s account, but they also know a few destinations.

Notably, several top campaign officials were not listed as salaried employees in Trump campaign filings in August, including Stepien, the campaign manager, senior adviser Jason

Advertising spending race

Last month, the Trump campaign significantly reduced television advertising, at times even not airing in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota.

Trump’s TV spending cuts reflect growing fears of a campaign cash crunch, as Biden begins fundraising.

Indeed, Trump led spending on two of the largest digital advertising platforms in August. Trump’s campaign spent more than $13 million on ads on Google alone in two weeks in August,

Meanwhile, Biden spent $10 million on Google and $1.5 million on Facebook in August. Facebook and Google aren’t the only places to buy political ads online.

Expensive for direct advocacy

Trump - Biden's race to earn and spend campaign money

Donald Trump in a live campaign.

The pandemic brought in-person campaign events to a virtual halt during the spring and summer.

Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) spent a total of $6.8 million on event-related expenses, mostly for event security and other related fees.

Biden also increased his travel in September, but spent significantly less than Trump on expenses related to events in August, totaling just $120,000.

Support ‘Super PAC’

Mr. Biden’s fundraising is rising and Trump’s fundraising is sagging, but there is another force at play.

America First Action, a pro-Trump Super PAC, reported raising $22 million in August, surpassing the total it raised in the previous months of this year combined.

The figure itself surpasses the total amount that Priorities USA Action, a pro-Biden Super PAC, took in over the past month, which was $8.5 million.

Preserve America, another pro-Trump Super PAC that began spending earlier this month, won’t report its fundraising figures until next month.

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