Three Singaporeans donated serum to help Trump treat Covid 3

Three Singaporeans donated serum to help Trump treat Covid 3

Blood samples from three Singaporean patients recovering from nCoV infection were used to develop antibodies to help the US President treat Covid-19.

Singapore’s National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) has received a cooperation request from American biotechnology company Regenerron, recruiting up to 20 patients who have recovered from Covid-19 to donate serum to develop a type of vaccine.

Regenerron is the company that developed the antibody serum to treat Covid-19 for US President Donald Trump.

After receiving ethical approval and the patient giving written consent, NCID selected 5 people and was informed by Regeneron at that time that their serum samples were eligible for antibody drug development.

US President Donald Trump announced his treatment for nCoV in Washington, USA, in a photo taken from a video released by the White House on October 7.

Regeneron used three of the five Singapore patient samples to develop the drug.

This type of antibody mixture will make it difficult for the virus to mutate and escape from antibodies in many different organs of the body.

The company has published some promising initial data on the therapy, but has released no details proving its effectiveness.

In addition to collaborating with Regeneron, Singapore is also participating in a global phase three monoclonal antibody trial called Activ-3, a project that started in August and aims to recruit 1,000 Covid-19 patients around the world.

As of October 8, 260 patients from around the world have been selected, the majority from Denmark and the US.

The monoclonal antibody was developed by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

In an interview on October 9, US President Donald Trump admitted that without the experimental antibody drug produced by pharmaceutical company Regeneron, his health could have been `very bad`, and he could even have died.

`It’s a cure and I’m sitting and talking to you today because of it,` Trump said.

Trump is one of fewer than 10 people who had access to the drug under `emergency use` regulations without participating in a research program.

The US President also said he had stopped taking Covid-19 treatment drugs and was willing to donate plasma to Americans fighting Covid-19 after his body developed antibodies against nCoV.

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