The village is built from ruined buildings 1

The village is built from ruined buildings 1

Built in the 20th century, the village of Portmeirion, Wales possesses unique architecture including mansions renovated from old or destroyed buildings.

The village was designed by architect Clough Williams-Ellis.

Colorful views of the Portmeirion mansion.

The name Portmeirion was given by Williams-Ellis and means “port of Meirion”.

The land that Mr. Williams-Ellis bought included an abandoned medieval mansion.

Creativity is fully exploited in Williams’ works.

Most of the buildings in this village were newly built from old or war-torn buildings.

The village is built from ruined buildings

Facade of a building on campus.

Many famous people have visited Portmeirion, including composer George Bernard Shaw, novelist H. G. Wells, architect Frank Lloyd Wright and director Noel Coward.

During World War II, Portmeirion became a particularly popular place and so many people wanted to visit that Williams-Ellis had to buy a hotel in Shropshire central market, Shrewsbury to use as a stop along the way.

In the 1960s, admission prices to the village were divided depending on whether you were an overnight guest at the resort, an annual visitor, or a visiting visitor.

Today, the village of Portmeirion becomes more bustling.

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