The US intends to ban GE from selling aircraft engines to China 3

The US intends to ban GE from selling aircraft engines to China 3

The takeoff of the Chinese-made COMAC C919 may be more difficult as GE may be banned from selling aircraft engines to the country.

The US government is considering whether to ban General Electric (GE) from continuing to supply engines for new passenger aircraft models produced by China.

Another meeting with President Donald Trump’s cabinet members on February 28 will also discuss this decision.

For many years, the US has supported American companies to take advantage of business opportunities with China’s fledgling civil aviation industry.

China’s C919 passenger plane lands its first flight at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China on May 5, 2017.

But now, the Trump administration is considering whether to deny GE’s latest license request to sell the CFM LEAP-1C engine for the C919.

In addition to aircraft engines, limited sales of control systems will also be discussed at meetings this month.

According to Reuters sources, some US government officials are concerned that China may use reverse engineering to steal aircraft engine technology.

The US intends to ban GE from selling aircraft engines to China

LEAP engines for aircraft from GE are manufactured in Indiana, USA.

`If there are any policy changes, hopefully the government will discuss with us before promulgating,` said Keith Nathan, Vice President of International Affairs of the Aerospace Industry Association.

According to an industry expert, if the US implements this measure, China could retaliate by ordering more aircraft from Airbus, instead of Boeing, which is in crisis and depends on China for deliveries.

In addition to discussing the intention to ban the sale of aircraft engines, the Trump administration’s upcoming meetings related to technology will also continue to discuss whether to tighten restrictions on allowing American companies to do business with Huawei Technologies.

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