The US and China flirt with each other in front of Taiwan 2

The US and China flirt with each other in front of Taiwan 2

The US continuously sends warships through the strait and supports Taiwan's accession to the WHO, while China conducts many exercises near the island.

The US destroyer USS McCampbell on May 13 passed through the Taiwan Strait in a north-south direction.

The activity took place just a week before Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen took office.

The helicopter took off from the USS McCampbell during a trip across the Taiwan Strait on May 13.

`China closely follows this move. We hope the US side handles related issues appropriately and plays a role in building peace and stability in the region, not vice versa.`

This is the latest move in a series of military activities conducted by the US and China right at the doorstep of the island of Taiwan recently, amid increased tensions between Washington and Beijing related to the pandemic.

Taiwan’s Defense Forces last week accused Chinese Y-8 aircraft of flying into the air defense identification zone around the island, forcing Taipei to deploy fighters to chase them away.

The destroyer USS McCampbell passed through the Taiwan Strait not long after Japanese newspaper Kyodo News quoted an anonymous source in the Chinese military saying that the Southern Theater Command, the unit in charge of operations in the East Sea, would

According to sources, the hypothetical target of the exercise is the Dong Sa archipelago, located in the northeast of the East Sea, currently controlled by Taiwan’s defense forces.

In April, US electronic reconnaissance aircraft appeared 13 times near the Dongsha Islands to collect data on the Chinese military.

Taiwan’s coast police announced that the unit stationed in Dongsha will conduct a live-fire exercise next month, while the head of the Taiwan defense agency’s planning and operations office said it was monitoring

`Both Beijing and Taipei are blowing smoke. It’s a fake crisis. The Dongsha Islands are not worth the Chinese army launching an amphibious operation to occupy and suffer the consequences afterward.`

The US and China flirt with each other in front of Taiwan

Chinese amphibious ships exercised near Hainan in 2018. Photo:

The `playing around` moves between the US and China near the island of Taiwan are part of the power competition between the two powers.

Meanwhile, China has also recently increased pressure on Taiwan, threatening that Taipei will `pay a price` if it pursues separatism, repeatedly conducting large-scale air force and naval exercises

The Taiwan issue also emerged in the latest disagreement between the US and China related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US strongly supports bringing Taiwan back to the WHO as an observer, after the island was stripped of this role in 2016 under pressure from China.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USSC) on May 14 published a report saying that Beijing has `undermined global health` by continuously preventing Taipei from joining the WHO, and at the same time

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus then affirmed that they could not invite Taiwan as an observer without consensus from all member countries.

China objected and called the USSC proposal `nonsense`.

`Their real intention is to call for support from abroad and use the pandemic as an excuse to demand independence. We strongly oppose this, their plot will never succeed,` spokesman Trieu said.

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