'The time of red flowers' - remembering the years of youth 12

'The time of red flowers' - remembering the years of youth 12

Every season when poinciana flowers bloom, the melancholy melody of Nguyen Dinh Bang's song resounds, evoking the regrets of a past time.

In 1989, Nguyen Dinh Bang was one of four musicians organized by the Vietnam Musicians Association to attend a composition camp in the former Soviet Union.

To keep loneliness and boredom from invading his soul, he rummaged through his luggage and took out a book of 99 love poems bought in Vietnam to read.

“…Under the color of flowers, like a fire burning with desire

Walk quietly on the empty road for years

There was only the noisy sound of cicadas boiling

But it doesn’t give people any peace of mind…`

The song begins with a sad image of a deserted road filled with red flowers, where two lovers once held hands, longed and made promises.

“…I’m engrossed in a distant cloud

The sail flies back to a bygone era

I silently sing an old poem

About a time when a young girl was passionate

About a time when magical red flowers…”

`The time of red flowers` recalls the poinciana flower season and the first vibrations of life.

Both the brother and sister characters had a passionate youth.

Now, on the deserted road, his character imagines the image of his ex-lover.

“…Every season red flowers come

Flowers are like falling rain

The fragile wings are bright red

Like regretting a time when I was young…`

Nguyen Dinh Bang intentionally changed two verses of Thanh Tung’s poem, from `Fragile wings are bright red` to `Fragile wings are bright red` and `Like the blood of a young man` to `Like regret`

No matter how optimistic the young man is, his heart still continues to bleed because of the breakdown of his first love – which was very gentle but penetrated very deeply into the heart.

Even more painful, the boy knew that, in the poem about a girl’s love life, `he was not present`.

Poet Thanh Tung once shared that this was his favorite verse in the Red Flower Period.

“…After the song, I was silent

The silence glows with the color of red flowers

After the song I was like

I’m from the old red flower era

After the song, he did the same

The brother of my youth…`

The song is the end of a love story.

The Time of Red Flowers was written by poet Thanh Tung in 1973, for his first wife – the person he loved so much who left him for another man.

The sadness and regret in the poet’s heart have crystallized into the Time of Red Flowers, so the poem has a strong narrative character of the author and it is difficult to avoid a sad sound.

'The time of red flowers' - remembering the years of youth

The song `Red Flower Time` is associated with the voice of Thai Bao.

The song is associated with the names of two female singers, Le Thu and Thai Bao.

In addition to Le Thu, Meritorious Artist Thai Bao, the `neither too young nor too old` singer is also considered to have successfully performed this song.

Red Flower Time is on the list of the best love songs of the reform period.

Many years have passed, but sadness, longing, and regret are still emotions that grip the listener’s mood every time this nostalgic melody is played.

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