The three most beautiful caves in the South 3

The three most beautiful caves in the South 3

Honored as the three most beautiful caves in the South, Huong Tich, Bich Dong and Dich Long also impress visitors thanks to the ancient and quiet beauty of the pagodas located inside and outside the cave.

1. Huong Tich – Nam Thien’s first cave

Speaking of the scenic beauty of Huong Pagoda, My Duc, Hanoi, no one knows about Huong Tich cave, known as the most beautiful cave in the South, located 70 km southwest of Hanoi center.

From here, visitors enter Huong Tich cave by walking down more than 100 stone steps.

Huong Tich Cave annually welcomes millions of visitors to visit and celebrate.

The most impressive one is Rice dunes.

Coming here, you will feel the cool moisture radiating from the cave, thanks to the tiny drops of water flowing day and night from the stalactites like mother’s milk.

2. Bich Dong – Nam Thien’s second cave

Located in the tourist complex of Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Bich Dong is not only a scenic spot associated with Tam Coc but also known as `Nam Thien II Dong`.

Bich Dong is located 2 km from Tam Coc wharf, in front is the Hoang Long river winding along the mountainside, filled with lotus flowers.

The three most beautiful caves in the South

Bich Dong is a destination not to be missed in the journey to explore Trang An and Tam Coc.

The entrance to Xuyen Thuy Cave is at the back of the mountain, opposite the road to Bich Dong.

Ha Pagoda was built right at the foot of Bich Dong mountain, with Dinh-style architecture, two-story, curved roof, and columns made of solid stone.

3. Dich Long – Third cave of Nam Thien

Although less known than Huong Tich and Bich Dong, the beauty of Dich Long, located between the border of Ha Nam and Ninh Binh provinces, is not inferior.

The three most beautiful caves in the South

Dich Long impresses visitors with its stalactites that change color according to the light.

The cave consists of three interconnected caves.

Because the high position has an open space and the cave entrance is narrow, every time a strong wind blows into the cave, visitors will hear a sound like a flute.

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