The plane turned around because a Chinese passenger threw hot water on the flight attendant 0

The plane turned around because a Chinese passenger threw hot water on the flight attendant 0

An Air Asia flight had to turn around yesterday after a Chinese female passenger got into a fight and intentionally threw hot water on a flight attendant.

Chaotic scene on the plane after an argument involving Chinese passengers.

WSJ quoted a statement from Air Asia saying an unidentified female passenger attacked a flight attendant because she was dissatisfied with the service on a flight from Bangkok to Nanjing city, China.

This woman and the man accompanying her became angry because they were not allowed to sit close to each other.

The problem was later resolved when flight attendants seated them next to each other.

She was temporarily treated while the plane turned around and had no serious injuries.

`The captain decided to turn back to Don Mueang airport because he considered the above passenger’s actions were dangerous to other passengers and hindered flight service,` Air Asia said in a statement.

Images circulating online show a chaotic scene on flight FD9101 as female flight attendants wearing red uniforms gathered in the aisle, seemingly arguing with a group of recalcitrant passengers.

Zhang Xiao, a passenger who claimed to be a host for a Chinese channel in Thailand, wrote on Weibo that the trouble was caused by a woman and a man.

`The man said he wanted to bomb the plane, and the other woman said she wanted to commit suicide,` Mr. Zhang wrote, adding that it was this woman who threw water on the flight attendant.

A video shows a male passenger shouting obscenities at a crew member, while surrounding Chinese speakers criticize his uncultured behavior.

After the plane returned to Bangkok, the woman and three other passengers were taken off the plane and taken to the airport police station.

`They are losing face abroad,` Mr. Zhang wrote.

This is not the first time Chinese passengers have caused trouble on a plane, but most previous incidents were limited to domestic flights.

Chinese tourists have also caused scandals abroad for their poor behavior, from drawing graffiti on Egyptian monuments to allowing children to defecate in public places.

This situation caused the government to issue a list of do’s and don’ts for its citizens, including asking Chinese tourists not to steal life jackets from under airplane seats.

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