The most attractive Hippie market in Brazil 3

The most attractive Hippie market in Brazil 3

Not only is Brazil's famous beach with white sand beaches stretching beside turquoise sea water, Ipanema also attracts tourists with its unique Hippie market.

During this time, when the World Cup atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter, soccer fanatics as well as those who like to travel are starting to talk more about Brazil.

Located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the ancient capital of Brazil, Ipanema has long been the choice of many travel lovers.

Tourists began to flock to Ipanema with curiosity about a beautiful girl and the attractive Ipanema sea, which led two talented artists to compose beautiful melodies.

Ipanema is chosen by many Hollywood stars as a resting place.

Geographically, Ipanema is adjacent to Copacabana and Leblon beach, but this beach is a completely different place than its two neighbors.

Ipanema opens to visitors as a land filled with sunshine and wind with clear blue beaches.

The most attractive Hippie market in Brazil

Take time to visit the unique hippie market.

For tourists who want to rest and enjoy the summer of the tropical country, they can visit small shops close to the beach, enjoy cocktails with special flavors and relax to attractive melodies.

Besides its natural advantages, Ipanema also attracts tourists in the Hippie market, also known as `Feira Hippie de Ipanema`.

The most attractive Hippie market in Brazil

Hot Brazil is ready to welcome visitors.

Brazil of 2014 attracts tourists with a bustling and bustling World Cup, but when visiting this country of sun and wind, don’t forget to visit Ipanema.

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