The most attractive destinations in Europe 2014 5

The most attractive destinations in Europe 2014 5

As a land with many of the most beautiful wonders in the world, ancient and romantic architectural works, Europe is always the choice of many tourists.

The 10 destinations below are all areas with many tourist values that are of interest to tourists when coming to Europe.

1. Greece

Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Greece is a country in Europe with largely rugged mountainous terrain, many large and small islands and dense forests.

Greece was once a powerful empire, a large country and one of the countries with the most brilliantly developed civilizations in ancient times.

2. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The scenic Ljubljanica river flows through the city of  Ljubljana.

Slovenia is a small, beautiful country in Europe and is also considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Slovenia also has a unique culture and is a suitable tourist destination for tourists who are passionate about exploring wild nature.

3. South West England

The majestic and breathtaking beauty in England makes any tourist who comes here fascinated.

4. Italy

When talking about the boot-shaped country, many people will think of the romantic, ancient, poetic beauty of Rome with architectural works bearing the appearance of ancient and legendary Rome, admiring the splendid Patheon Palace.

The most attractive destinations in Europe 2014

Romantic beauty of Venice.

Visitors will also feel extremely excited when coming to Venice, the city of lakes and canals with romantic and poetic beauty.

5. Denmark

You will surely be surprised by the romantic, charming natural beauty of the most attractive tourist destinations in this country.

6. Seville, Spain

Spain always attracts tourists with its beautiful Mediterranean sunshine, passionate flamenco dances, fiery bullfights and unique and bizarre festivals.

7. Outer Hebrides, Scotland

The most attractive destinations in Europe 2014

Beautiful majestic waterfall at Ness Pier, Lewis Island in the Outer Hebrides archipelago.

Located off the west coast of Scotland, the Outer Hebrides archipelago with its breathtaking and majestic scenery has become world famous for its rugged cliffs and beautiful wild beaches.

8. Plzen, Czech Republic

Czechia is a land of surprises waiting to be discovered.

9. Norway

As a country in the Scandinavian peninsula (Northern Europe), Norway is close to countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

This place is also blessed by nature with famous beautiful landscapes across five continents, many glaciers and waterfalls, spectacular coastlines and about 50,000 islands, national parks, and beautiful bays.

10. Toulouse, France

Located on the romantic Garonne River, Toulouse is a large city in the South of France with many natural landscapes.

This place is known as one of the most livable cities in France with many squares, green parks and Mediterranean climate.

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