The host country often loses heavily because of ASIAD 2

The host country often loses heavily because of ASIAD 2

Busan (South Korea) in 2002 spent more than 4.2 billion USD to invest in ASIAD 14, while the revenue was only 223.2 million USD.

A report from the city of Incheon (South Korea) on investment for the 17th Asian Games held in 2014 said that this amount had increased by 110% compared to the original estimate, although Korea had experience.

Specifically, the estimated investment cost is nearly 1.62 billion USD, including 1.39 billion USD invested in stadium construction and infrastructure, nearly 11 million USD for repairing works and other facilities.

Busan has invested more than 2.9 billion USD to build infrastructure to serve ASIAD 14.

In 2002, Korea also hosted the 14th Asian Games, the venue was Busan.

However, the total investment capital far exceeds the above two numbers.

In 2010, ASIAD 16 was held in Guangzhou city (China).

An unofficial report states that ASIAD in Guangzhou cost about 420 million USD, and revenue was about 450 million USD.

The host country often loses heavily because of ASIAD

Thailand has hosted ASIAD four times, the 1998 Asian Games alone cost 19.3 billion baht at that time (627.7 million USD at the current new exchange rate).

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that hosted ASIAD four times in 1966, 1970, 1978 and 1998. According to the report of the 1998 ASIAD Organizing Committee, operating costs were estimated at 2.67 billion baht at that time.

The money earned is mainly from sponsorship contracts (accounting for 40%), followed by television license fees (480 million baht), ticket fees, lotteries, money invested by the Thai Government,…

At the end of the plenary session of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in Macao (China) on the afternoon of November 8, Vietnam surpassed Surabaya city (Indonesia) to become the host of an Asian Games for the first time (

Vietnam estimates the organizing cost of ASIAD 2019 to be about 150 million USD (3,100 billion VND), including making the most of existing facilities.

Talking to, Mr. Hoang Vinh Giang, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, said that the investment package of 150 million USD will be spent mainly on building and renovating facilities, partly

The new construction project includes a press center, a bicycle field at My Dinh, a tennis center, a baseball field, a horse racing and pentathlon course, baseball, field hockey, and rugby fields.

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