The German plane's co-pilot had vision problems 0

The German plane's co-pilot had vision problems 0

Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who flew the Germanwings plane into the mountain, sought to cure a vision problem that could ruin his dream of pursuing a career as a pilot.

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz in a running competition.

The New York Times quoted two officials familiar with the investigation into the Germanwings accident today revealing the above information.

It is unclear how serious Andreas’ eye problem is and whether it is related to his psychology.

Andreas’s friends and acquaintances know well how much he values flying.

Police found at Andreas’ apartment in Dusseldorf, Germany, doctor’s notes showing that he was not fit to work on the day of the accident.

Dusseldorf University Hospital said in an announcement yesterday that Andreas had been examined here in February and most recently on March 10.

Even though he works for a commercial airline, Andreas is a co-pilot and doesn’t get to fly the long distances he desires.

Break up with your girlfriend before the plane crashes

Maria W, Andreas’s ex-girlfriend,¬†flew with him on European flights for five months last year, when their feelings were still strong.

`If Andreas intentionally crashed the plane, it was because he understood that with his health condition, the big dream of a job at Lufthansa, being a captain and a long-haul pilot, was practically impossible.

French TV channel iTELE revealed that Andreas and Maria live together in an apartment in Dusseldorf.

Andreas bought two new Audi cars for himself and his girlfriend a few weeks ago but has just taken delivery of one, German magazine Focus reported.

The owner of a pizza shop near Andreas’s house described the two as a very affectionate couple.

`She was a polite and attractive girl,` Habibalah Hassani, 53, said.

A neighbor said that Maria was very distressed and was believed to be staying with her family at a hotel.

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