The first trip tests Biden's diplomatic strategy 0

The first trip tests Biden's diplomatic strategy 0

Biden is very experienced in diplomacy, but in the four years he was absent during Trump's time, the world has changed a lot.

US President Joe Biden has long shown that he is someone who always wants to build relationships, not only with Democrats or Republicans at home, but also with allies and partners globally.

Domestic relationships are still maintained.

The trip began with the first meeting on June 9 with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, one of the closest allies to the US, and ended six days later with a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a

US President Joe Biden and his wife landed at the airport inside the RAF Mildenhall military base, England, June 9.

`Throughout the journey, we will make it clear that America is back,` Biden told US soldiers stationed at RAF Mildenhall, a British military base, shortly after he landed in the country.

Biden is one of the most experienced US presidents in foreign affairs.

At each stop on his trip this week, from England’s Carbis Bay to Brussels to Geneva, President Biden will seek to leverage his personal relationships with world leaders to reestablish America’s position.

`He’s been ready for the past 50 years,` White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

However, the US President may also face the limitations of personal diplomacy.

In addition, diplomats say that President Biden’s personal appeal is not enough to sway other leaders.

Most of the leaders that President Biden meets in Europe will probably feel grateful when the US returns to a foreign policy that is more predictable than the Trump era, except for Russian President Putin.

While Biden spoke to soldiers in Mildenhall on June 9, Russia banned the opposition movement led by opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

In addition to attending G7 sessions during his four-day visit to Britain, Biden will meet privately with Prime Minister Johnson and visit Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

However, the June 16 meeting with Russian President Putin in Switzerland was considered by many diplomats to be the main event.

President Biden spoke to US soldiers stationed at RAF Mildenhall base on June 9.

The main goal of the meeting is to show a clear difference in the US approach to Russia, experts say.

`Joe Biden did not meet with Vladimir Putin despite the differences between the two countries. He met because the two countries have differences,` said US national security advisor Jake Sullivan.

According to observers, the trip is also an opportunity for President Biden to personally test the impact of the slogan `America is back`.

Biden has rejoined the Paris climate accord and launched negotiations to restore the Iran nuclear deal.

Given the current US political context, some diplomats assess that President Biden will not be able to act freely in some areas.

`He knows the problem, he knows everyone and he is very passionate. But on the other hand, he has his own internal priorities. He is the US president, he just witnessed the violence on January 6

The G7 meeting will focus on economic recovery and the growing pressure on rich countries such as the US and UK to provide Covid-19 vaccines to poorer countries.

Because of the pandemic, the G7 session with Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Germany and Italy will be the first opportunity for President Biden to meet face to face with America’s closest allies.

During his term, Trump caused uproar at two G7 conferences in Canada and France because of his `America First` trade agenda and his hostility toward even allies.

This session is expected to be calmer, even dull, as Biden arrives with the central goal of re-establishing an atmosphere of cooperation and predictable approach.

`The last four years have really not been easy,` said one European official, adding that his government currently `cannot find any issue on which it disagrees` with the US, which is even unlikely.

While there is still some worry about issues such as tariffs and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the official said that the general feeling now is that `we [the US and Europe] can actually build

Trump has often expressed clear disdain for NATO in the past, saying that alliance members have taken advantage of the United States and have not contributed to the bloc’s defense budget commensurate with Washington.

NATO leaders now hope that America under Biden will change.

`It’s important that President Biden has a strong personal commitment to NATO, I feel that,` NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview.

Biden and Stoltenberg met in Washington on June 7.

Even so, Biden still needs to ease the pain of NATO partners, who feel ignored by the US decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

`European allies misunderstood the Biden administration’s troop withdrawal announcement,` commented Constanze Stelzenmuller, a scholar at the Center for America and Europe at the Brookings Institution.

Biden will also meet European Union (EU) leaders in Brussels.

`A main audience is our people, the people of Europe and America,` he said.

The second audience, according to Lambrinidis, is all the `authoritarian` leaders in the world.

Vu Hoang (According to Washington Post)

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