The EU agreed to add more than 5 billion USD to the Ukraine aid fund 3

The EU agreed to add more than 5 billion USD to the Ukraine aid fund 3

EU countries agreed to add $5.5 billion to the fund used to pay for arms supplies to Ukraine after months of debate.

`Ambassadors of European Union (EU) countries have agreed in principle to reform the European Peace Facility (EPF), to support Ukraine with a budget of 5 billion euros (5.5 billion USD).

The EPF was created by the EU in 2021 as an extra-budgetary tool to strengthen the EU’s capacity to prevent conflict, build peace and strengthen international security.

Countries contribute to the fund at a level appropriate to their economic size.

The Ukrainian army’s PzH 2000 self-propelled gun fires in a photo posted in June 2023.

`The message is very clear: we will support Ukraine in every way to help it win,` said Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy official.

The EU reached an agreement to supplement the EPF budget after months of delay due to opposition from France and Germany, the two leading countries of the bloc.

Meanwhile, France requested to only reimburse money for aid weapons manufactured in Europe, which is said to be aimed at promoting intra-bloc weapons production and reducing defense dependence on the US.

Diplomats said Germany had its proposal accepted by the EU.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal welcomed the additional contribution to the EPF fund.

The new support was announced in the context that Ukraine is facing many difficulties on the battlefield, partly due to lack of weapons and ammunition after aid from the West decreased.

On March 12, the United States announced an emergency military aid package worth $300 million to Ukraine, but more than $60 billion in other aid is still stuck in Congress due to opposition from the Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic is stepping up its own efforts to support Ukraine.

The EU agreed to add more than 5 billion USD to the Ukraine aid fund

Military situation of Russia – Ukraine.

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