The Democratic Party's 'tough on China' platform 3

The Democratic Party's 'tough on China' platform 3

The draft Democratic platform repeats some of the Trump administration's tough stance on China, despite opposing the trade war.

During the national conference held online this week, the Democratic Party not only officially nominated Joe Biden as the official candidate in the upcoming presidential election, but also discussed a very important document demonstrating

That document is the platform, a more than 90-page document that sets out the guiding principles and policy commitments that the Democratic Party will pursue in 2020. Delegates will vote to approve the draft platform.

`The Democratic Party’s draft platform criticizes President Donald Trump’s administration’s approach to China in all areas: trade, human rights, national security, public health…`,

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Delaware on August 12.

`What’s interesting is that the Democratic Party’s assessment of China in the draft platform is no different from the Republican Party’s assessment. They all believe that the rise of Beijing under Chinese President Xi Jinping poses a problem.

In the document, Democrats called for establishing a `united front` with Washington’s allies as a more effective strategy for dealing with Beijing, suggesting they disagree with the `confrontation` style.

`Covid-19 has shown the risks of relying too much on global supply chains, and workers and consumers have panicked as factories closed due to blockades and shortages of goods. It

The Democratic Party said that `the Trump administration has time and again failed to solve problems for American workers, put corporate interests above labor, and launched a trade war with China without any solution.`

Top officials in the Trump administration, including White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, have for years alleged that China’s unfair trade practices caused manufacturing decline in the US and Covid-19.

`The reason New York, Boston, Chicago and Detroit don’t have enough protective equipment is that China has hoarded it and sold it to the world at inflated prices,` Navarro claimed, but did not provide evidence.

However, Trump’s use of tariffs as a tool to rebalance the US-China economic relationship has caused him to attract a lot of criticism, including from Republicans.

The government had to launch large subsidy packages for Americans, especially farmers, to reduce economic damage from China’s tit-for-tat attacks.

In April, a coalition of nearly 100 former senior US officials and scholars issued a joint statement calling on Washington and Beijing to freeze confrontational behavior while working together to fight the pandemic, starting with

`Continuing the trade war after the pandemic ends is not beneficial to both countries’ economies and the global economy,` said Carlos Gutierrez, former trade secretary under George W. Bush.

However, Christopher Miller, associate professor of international history at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, assesses that this is easier said than done.

`Biden claims to protect American workers, but it’s difficult to turn those words into real trade agreements,` Miller said.

The draft Democratic platform emphasizes that Trump’s `tax and trade policies` cause the US to lose jobs and promises to work with allies to overcome this damage.

`We will eliminate President Trump’s tax and trade policies that have encouraged large corporations to move jobs overseas and avoid paying taxes,` the draft platform reads.

Miller commented that `it is unlikely that US tariffs already imposed on China will be reduced, but it is certain that Biden is unlikely to impose new tariffs on China if he is elected`.

The draft platform also shows that if Biden is elected, his administration’s stance on Hong Kong and Xinjiang will not change much compared to the Trump administration.

They affirmed that they will continue to enforce the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act, which the Trump administration has used to punish Hong Kong officials, including the chief executive of Hong Kong.

`Biden will soften his approach to China if he is elected, but not to a significant degree,` Carlson said.

`However, in contrast to Trump, his policy will be more unified, comprehensive and the product of a regular policy-making process,` Carlson said.

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