The 5 most famous war horses in world military history 0

The 5 most famous war horses in world military history 0

Alexander the Great's Bucephalus and Napoleon Bonaparte's Marengo are among the most famous war horses in military history.

Statue of Alexander the Great and his steed Bucephalus in Scotland.


As Alexander the Great’s favorite steed, Bucephalus once belonged to the king of Macedonia when Alexander was 12-13 years old.

Bucephalus is a giant horse with one blue eye.

Alexander went through many battles with Bucephalus.

Bucephalus became one of the most famous horses in classical culture, alongside legendary steeds such as Pegasus and the Trojan horse.


Born in 1793, Marengo is a small gray Arabian horse only 145 cm tall.

The stallion was named after the battle of Marengo between the French and Austrians, where it helped its owner reach safety.

When Napoleon returned for the 100 days campaign, he again rode Marengo.


Napoleon’s biggest rival also had an equally famous steed, Copenhagen.

It was originally a racehorse from 1811-1812.

After the war with Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington continued to ride Copenhagen in ceremonies and parades, before retiring to his estate at Stratfield.

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