Taiwan upgraded its runway in the East Sea 4

Taiwan upgraded its runway in the East Sea 4

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it was upgrading the runway on the Dongsha Islands, while China increased military pressure in the area.

Taiwan’s defense agency announced that it had selected a contractor to upgrade the runway on Dong Sa archipelago in February 2020 and planned to launch the project nearly two months later.

However, regional tensions and poor weather conditions delayed the project for nearly a year.

Once completed, the runway on Dongsha Island could be used to `rapidly transport weapons to support the defense forces` of the island, Taiwan’s defense agency said, without elaborating.

The runway on Dong Sa Island, about 1,500 m long, is mainly used for military purposes and specializes in receiving C-130 transport aircraft.

The Dongsha Islands and their 1.5km runway are controlled by Taiwan.

In the report, Taiwan’s defense agency said it will soon transfer hundreds of Kestrel anti-tank guns to forces stationed on Dong Sa island to `strengthen defense capabilities in the context of Beijing increasing military pressure in the region.`

The Kestrel anti-tank gun was developed by the Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology, the leading research unit of Taiwan’s defense forces.

The report was published by Taiwan’s defense agency after detecting mainland China’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operating near the Dongsha Islands, while Chinese military aircraft continuously approached the area.

Taiwan used to deploy marines to Dong Sa Island, but since 2000 it has been replaced by coastal police units, equipped with weapons such as machine guns and long-range mortars.

Taiwanese marines were recently deployed to these two islands to train the coast guard.

Taiwan upgraded its runway in the East Sea

East Sea area.

China has always considered Taiwan a province awaiting reunification, even by force if necessary.

Taiwanese foreign affairs leader Wu Chieu Tiep said at a press conference on April 7 that he warned of the risk of mainland China launching an attack on the island.

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