Taiwan buys American reconnaissance equipment to increase fighter power 3

Taiwan buys American reconnaissance equipment to increase fighter power 3

Taiwan Defense bought a series of US weapons installed on F-16 fighters to increase reconnaissance and tracking capabilities of mainland China's military.

Taiwanese island authorities in early July signed a $343 million agreement with the US to purchase 6 clusters of MS-110 reconnaissance equipment, including three mobile stations and one fixed ground station, according to the island’s defense agency.

These assets will help Taiwan’s air defense force strengthen surveillance of mainland China’s navy’s coastal activities, while the island strengthens its defense capabilities.

The MS-110 complexes will be transferred to the Hualien base in eastern Taiwan, where the F-16 unit of the island’s air defense force is stationed.

F-16V fighter took off from a Taiwan air defense base in January. Photo: CNA.

Taiwanese media reported that poor quality photos of the Liaoning aircraft carrier strike group’s activities around the island in April 2020 prompted Taiwan’s defense agency to decide to buy the above equipment to increase its ability to collect.

MS-110 produced by Collins Aerospace, can collect images and information day and night, compatible with F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 fighters.

The plan to buy reconnaissance equipment from the US to install on F-16 fighters was presented by Taiwan’s air defense force to the island’s legislature in September 2020.

The US State Department a month later approved the agreement to supply the above reconnaissance equipment, saying the deal would help the island improve its ability to `deal with current and future threats by providing

China has not commented on the US reconnaissance weapons deal signed with Taiwan, but has repeatedly criticized the supply of weapons and military equipment to the island.

Taiwan’s air defense ordered 66 new F-16Vs from the US, and upgraded 142 old F-16 variants to the most modern standards.

Taiwan buys American reconnaissance equipment to increase fighter power

Taiwan Island and the Strait of the same name.

On July 27, China’s CCTV channel reported that the country’s army was rehearsing a simulation of attacking and taking over the island at night, with landing and shelling exercises.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on July 27 that the US does not seek confrontation with China, pledging to `pursue a more constructive and stable relationship with China, including close communication.`

However, Austin affirmed that he would `continue to focus on helping` the island of Taiwan.

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