'Students are not experimental guinea pigs' 10

'Students are not experimental guinea pigs' 10

If the Ministry of Education wants to change or come up with a project, it first needs to notify our students early, not to let this year's students take the exam and not announce it until close to the exam date.

I am a student preparing to enter 12th grade (born in 1997) and will take the university entrance exam in 2015.

Until now, we in the 1997 generation thought that next year would be the last year of university entrance exams and we were putting all our heart and soul into this university entrance exam, but no one expected it, it was truly ironic.

Our country has always followed the teaching style `follow the wind, follow the clouds`, teachers teach one thing and students learn another.

Well, that’s all, that’s the teaching method of most teachers today that has turned us students into colorful parrots.

Actually, in the way our teachers teach today, it is completely impossible for our students to understand what the word `comprehensive` is.

Many teachers rely too much on theory.

To be honest, memorizing is too easy, but whether students understand the lesson or not.

However, that student understood absolutely nothing from those works.

In another case: `Please express your thoughts about beauty`, An will think about beauty in one direction, while Binh will think about beauty in another direction, each person is different.

Let’s ask, if we teach students by not allowing them to express themselves, but by forcing them into unnecessary rules and regulations, will the students be able to improve?

Learning must go hand in hand with practice. Studying without practicing will get you nowhere.

Not only that, the country’s education sets so many subjects for students that later when they enter university or in life, those subjects seem completely meaningless.

There are too many subjects, and there are only 24 hours in a day. How can students survive in such a stuffy atmosphere?

For example, in the future I have a dream of becoming a doctor, but the medical field has nothing to do with Van?

Also, I think Citizenship Education sounds great but in reality it is completely meaningless.

What kind of civic education is it that every student opens their mouth and only speaks profanity and swears? So what is the point of having this subject?

In Civic Education, students are taught about love between people, so what is that love?

Citizenship education helps us understand more about the world and about people. This subject should have created conditions for us to contact, talk, and share with unfortunate people…

Only then can we understand and deepen our thoughts about what love is like between people.

Our country’s teachers have a way of teaching that lulls the students’ souls to sleep, teaching without any personal characteristics, everyone is the same, making the class atmosphere boring, without a laugh, then

Not only that, but also Math, why do we have to learn so much about trigonometry, integrals, differentials, derivatives, altitudes, Pythagorean theorems…?

Chemistry teaches us a bunch of substances, all kinds of equations, all kinds of ways to identify substances.

English is supposed to focus a lot on listening and speaking, but English teaching in our country only focuses on grammar.

Hey Ministry of Education guys!

Like anything, if we want our students to develop comprehensively, teachers must first be comprehensive, only then can they set an example for us.

If the Ministry of Education wants to change or come up with a project, it first needs to notify our students early, not to let this year’s students take the exam and not announce it until close to the exam date.

It took 4 years to organize the World Cup, and it took us nearly 12 years to have our parents invest in us, putting in so much enthusiasm and effort to enter that threshold.

Going around the world, there is not a single country that takes its citizens or students as experiments.

Hopefully these thoughts will reach the leaders of the education sector. I hope that 2015 will be a normal university entrance exam like every year.

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'Students are not experimental guinea pigs'

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