Spain vs Italy in the U21 European final 6

Spain vs Italy in the U21 European final 6

One year after the Euro 2012 final in which Italy lost 0-4 to Spain, their U21 players have the opportunity to avenge their seniors by competing for the European youth championship with the `young bulls`.

In yesterday’s semi-finals, Spain continued to play jubilantly and crushed Norway 3-0, while Italy struggled to overcome the Netherlands with at least a 1-0 victory.

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The final match between Italy and Spain will take place at Jerusalem Stadium next Tuesday, June 19.

The two times they met in the U21 European final, each team won one match.

Yesterday, Italy continued to use the counter-attacking defense style honed under coach David Mangia and was successful.

Borini (blue shirt) is the hero in Italy’s victory in the European U21 semi-finals.

In the 79th minute, Liverpool striker Fabio Borini shined, scoring the only goal with a decisive shot that caught Dutch goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet.

For Spain, victory comes to them in a much simpler way.

Norway could have lost even more, if not for goalkeeper Orjan Nyland making a series of amazing saves, keeping a clean sheet against the `red storm` that the Spanish side rained down on the goal in the first half.

It was not until the 45th minute that Spain concretized its superiority into an opening goal with a flash of opportunity after the Norwegian defense was chaotic in a corner kick situation.

After this goal, Spain’s play slackened, but still controlled the situation on the field well thanks to the superior ball-keeping ability of the midfielders led by `new Xavi` Thiago Alcantara.

Spain vs Italy in the U21 European final

Isco was a great source of inspiration to help Spain U21 win big in the semi-finals.

In that lulled game, it was only a matter of time before they took advantage of Norway’s moments of distraction to score.

The 3-0 score in stoppage time was just a promotional gift that Spain gave when sending Norway away.

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