Refugees were rescued after 13 hours at sea 0

Refugees were rescued after 13 hours at sea 0

The Syrian man tried to dive into the sea to retrieve the oar but was swept away by strong currents, making it impossible to return to the boat and was discovered after many hours of exhaustion.

The moment when Tsiligeridu and his group supposedly rescued Besmar.

A Syrian refugee was rescued after drifting for 13 hours in the Aegean Sea, between Greece and Türkiye, the Telegraph reported yesterday.

Mohammed Besmar was struggling with his last ounce of strength after many hours at sea when he was accidentally spotted by Sandra Tsiligeridu, a former model and actress, and her friends.

Thousands of Syrians, Afghans and many other refugees risk their lives, making the dangerous journey across the narrow strait between the Turkish coast and islands such as Kos, Samos and Lesbos, for weeks

According to the Telegraph, one of the 40 refugees on the boat with Besmar accidentally dropped his oar into the water.

Besmar drifted for hours with no hope of rescue, until he was seen by Tsiligeridu and her husband, Dr. Dimitri.

The Greek couple and friends pulled Besmar out of the water.

`Besmar was almost unconscious when we found out,` Tsiligeridu wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with newspaper La Repubblica, the 42-year-old former model did not claim to be a hero.

`I just did what any person would do. Anyone in my position would have done the same. Besmar was shaking and just trying to say in English ‘I am Mohammed Besmar, from Syria

Tsiligeridu said that before coming to the island for her summer vacation, she did not know about the dire situation regarding migrants.

`The island is full of refugees. Every day thousands of people come here. They sleep in tents on the street, with no toilets,` Tsiligeridu said.

Besmar received medical treatment and now wants to go to Athens, Greece.

`I’m truly sorry for entering Greece illegally, but I had no other choice when I had to flee the war in my home country. I was underwater for many hours and thought my life was over, until

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