Red Bull - from pride to symbol of inequality in Thailand 3

Red Bull - from pride to symbol of inequality in Thailand 3

The heir's scandal caused Red Bull in Thailand to be boycotted when public opinion said that the judicial system favored the super rich.

In July, Thai public opinion simultaneously called for a boycott of Red Bull and related products because the son of the brand owner was not punished after causing a fatal accident.

This is the grandson of billionaire Chaleo Yoovidhya – co-founder of the famous Red Bull energy drink brand.

Thanks to that, Chaleo soon realized a more fertile market for energy drinks when long-distance drivers often had to use them.

A Thai man drinks Krating Daeng – the original version of Red Bull at a convenience store in Bangkok in 2001. Photo Reuters.

In 1984, on a business trip to Thailand, Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz learned about Krating Daeng.

Red Bull immediately became a popular energy drink among athletes, students, partygoers and night workers around the world thanks to its smart product marketing strategy.

After that, his son – Chalerm Yoovidhya took over TCP Group, the parent company of the Red Bull brand in Thailand.

Once the pride of Thais, the Yoovidhya family quickly became a symbol of inequality in this country.

In September 2012 – about half a year after his grandfather died, Vorayuth was accused of being involved in a fatal accident.

Vorayuth allegedly drove a Ferrari into a police officer riding a motorbike.

The investigation agency said that the Ferrari was traveling at a speed of 170km/h when the collision occurred.

Vorayuth was detained but after paying bail, he refused to attend court hearings.

After that, Vorayuth continued to enjoy a luxurious life in England.

Red Bull - from pride to symbol of inequality in Thailand

Vorayuth left a house in London in 2017. Photo: AP

The case was stalled but was suddenly revived when a new witness appeared in 2016. This person said the Ferrari was traveling at about 70km/h and the police motorbike suddenly changed direction, leading to the accident.

On July 24, the prosecutor announced that the charges against Vorayuth would be dropped.

Disappointment increased when news broke that T.C.

In another development, police said that a new witness in 2016 died in a motorbike accident.

In a rare statement released in July, Vorayuth’s family apologized because `the news about our family member has caused growing anger, hatred and dissatisfaction in society.`

`We must make this announcement to express our regret over the incident and confirm our respect for a legal system that provides justice for all without discrimination

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