Real - Atletico Madrid: Tradition of media confrontation 3

Real - Atletico Madrid: Tradition of media confrontation 3

History will have to record today, because this is the first time Real has entered the Champions League final as an underdog team.

* The Real – Atletico Madrid match takes place at San Siro Stadium, Milano, Italy at 8:45 p.m. Saturday, May 28, local time, or 1:45 a.m., Sunday, May 29, Hanoi time.

Most neutral coaches, neutral players and neutral fans believe Atletico will win the championship.

After every match, the love for coach Diego Simeone and his team grows a little thicker.

This year’s Champions League final is the first time Real has entered with a lower position compared to their opponent.

That reality suddenly made Real Madrid feel like they were the villains in this match.

England, which was still ecstatic about Leicester City’s historic victory, completely sided with Atletico before the final.

Italy has long leaned heavily towards Simeone, whom they once described as the `Che Guevara of football`.

In the 2005 Champions League final, Milan thought they would win the championship after the first half, leading Liverpool 3-0, but in the end they only saw Benitez and his students standing on the podium to receive the Cup.

General sports sites like ESPN are also filled with articles about Atletico.

An article, also on EPSN, is titled: `If we defeat Atletico, this will be Real’s most impressive victory in Europe.`

Real - Atletico Madrid: Tradition of media confrontation

The desire for revenge and almost absolute support from the media is an advantage for Simeone and Atletico Madrid, entering the match at San Siro today.

Amid the media siege, Gareth Bale spoke up proudly: `In the current Atletico squad, there is not a single player capable of playing for Real.`

Of course, Bale received a lot of criticism for that arrogant statement.

Real Madrid is inherently a club without an identity.

Do you know why Zinedine Zidane’s brilliant volley in the 2002 Champions League final is hailed as the most beautiful goal in Real Madrid history?

If that’s all, I’m still not immortal enough.

These are moves that no strategy in the world, no genius coach can prevent.

Real - Atletico Madrid: Tradition of media confrontation

Real are unclear about tactics and have to rely on an inexperienced coach, but they have superstars who can create breakthroughs like Bale and Ronaldo.

Another detail so Real fans don’t feel too worried when looking at the final.

For the first time in history, Real entered the final with a lower position than its opponent.

Today Cristiano Ronaldo may run faster, when in his head is the teasing voice of his child: `I see dad runs slower than Uncle Bale.`

Today Gareth Bale will bounce higher, as the image of the ball falling towards his position in Lisbon two years ago appears like a slow motion film.

Today, Karim Benzema will play `dead` because he does not have to participate in the Euro, and because the person who will replace him to lead the French attack is Antonie Griezmann on the opposite side.

Real star’s bravery confronts Atletico’s sophisticated tactics.

A dream final!

Real - Atletico Madrid: Tradition of media confrontation

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