Rayshard Brooks celebrated his child's birthday before being shot and killed 3

Rayshard Brooks celebrated his child's birthday before being shot and killed 3

USA Hours before being shot dead by police, Rayshard Brooks had just spent the day celebrating his daughter's 8th birthday.

The birthday party was scheduled to continue the next day with plans for the family to go ice skating, but Brooks, 27, wasn’t able to do that.

Brooks fell asleep in his car while waiting in line to buy food outside a Wendy’s, causing other customers to call the police.

Police decided to arrest Brooks for drinking and driving, but he resisted, stole the stun gun and ran away.

Rayshard Brooks with his wife and children.

Justin Miller, the family’s attorney, said that that day, Brooks took his daughter to get a manicure and bought food.

`The girl was waiting for her father to pick her up to take her ice skating,` Miller said at a press conference on June 13.

L. Chris Stewart, another attorney, said he was with Brooks’ family the next day and saw the children `playing and laughing, oblivious to the fact that their father had been killed.`

Tomika Miller, Brooks’ wife, said she and her husband have always opposed police violence against people of color but never thought it would happen to them.

`He was a good father, a good husband. He believed in peace and love,` Miller said.

Before being shot, Brooks, who worked at a Mexican restaurant, reportedly asked police to let him go home to his wife and children.

`I wish he could do that. I wish they could be sympathetic or compassionate,` Miller said.

Rayshard Brooks celebrated his child's birthday before being shot and killed

Miller is very sad when thinking about the future of children without a father.

The scuffle caused police to shoot and kill Rayshard Brooks

The struggle led police to shoot and kill Rayshard Brooks.

Miller said police violence against people of color will never stop.

`I feel stuck as a single black mother. They took away my husband. They destroyed my family. Justice will never bring things back. This is a black family again.

Violent protests broke out in Alanta the night Brooks was shot.

`I don’t know how many times I have to say that vandalism will not solve the problem. It will only create more aggression, more conflict, more problems and prejudice,` she said.

Officer Garrett Rolfe, who shot Brooks, was fired, and an involved officer was suspended.

Anh Ngoc (According to USA Today, WSBTV)

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