Rat meat specialty in Dinh Bang 2

Rat meat specialty in Dinh Bang 2

Coming to Dinh Bang, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, in addition to visiting historical sites such as Do Temple, Co Phap Pagoda, and Dragon Temple, tourists often do not forget to enjoy the famous field mouse meat dish.

When it comes to rat meat, many people will feel disgusted, but in Dinh Bang this is considered a specialty.

According to people in the village, Dinh Bang does not hunt rats to make a living like many other places and rat meat is not a dish only for the poor.

After the harvest, you can follow the boys of Dinh Bang village to hunt mice.

In Dinh Bang, people catch field mice to eat all year round, but if you want to follow the villagers in hunting mice, you should come here after the harvest because the mice are many and fat.

Dinh Bang people use dogs to hunt mice, but absolutely do not use burrowing.

Catch mice, break their teeth and then prepare them by peeling the skin, cutting off the limbs, tail, inguinal lymph nodes, throwing away the intestines, taking only the heart, liver and kidneys, hanging them up to drain. Therefore, the expression `wet as a peeling mouse` is also used.

Rat meat specialty in Dinh Bang

Boiled meat pressed with lemon leaves is the most popular dish.

Hamster meat is white and delicious like chicken, used as a main ingredient, combined with additives to prepare many dishes from simple to elaborate.

Equally popular is the dish of field mice cooked with beans.

For connoisseurs of drinks, stir-fried mice with lemongrass and chili is a dish not to be missed when coming to Dinh Bang.

Rat meat specialty in Dinh Bang

Eating grilled mice in the cold season is most delicious.

In addition, field mice are also processed into dishes such as frozen mice, imitation civet mice, fried mice, sweet and sour stir-fried mice or tomato sauce, making many people salivate when the dishes are displayed before their eyes.

Nowadays, although rat meat in Dinh Bang is no longer as popular as before when it was present in many places, Hanoi gourmets still often come to Dinh Bang to enjoy the rustic dish.

If you have the opportunity to come to Dinh Bang and have never once enjoyed the specialties of Kinh Bac hometown, ignore your initial fear and try delicious dishes made from rat meat, you will definitely crush it and want to eat it again a second time.

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