Proposal to pilot 'green pass' to restore tourism 2

Proposal to pilot 'green pass' to restore tourism 2

Green passports are issued free of charge to all Vietnamese citizens as a disease-safe certification solution to serve business, travel...

This is the latest result from the research team of the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) conducted to propose to the Government, based on surveys and analysis of disease safety certification applications of countries and organizations.

According to Mr. Hoang Nhan Chinh, Head of the TAB Secretariat, the group proposed using the concept of `Vietnam Green Passport` instead of `Vaccine Passport`, to avoid incomplete understanding.

Green passport is not only the desire of the tourism industry but also of trade, aviation, transportation, services… Photo: Nguyen Nam

In the research team’s proposal, countries around the world have allowed people to use vaccination certificates for travel and domestic activities such as attending events and eating at restaurants.

The Vietnam Green Passport will integrate personal identification information;

The card can display a QR code on a smartphone or print it on paper for the user to present upon request.

Proposal to pilot 'green pass' to restore tourism

Green passport is convenient for travel.

The research team proposes to issue free Green Passport to Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who have registered for temporary residence in Vietnam.

Implementing the Green Pass pilot, the research team also proposed a roadmap including developing a pilot project;

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