Proposal to investigate Minh Chay pate causing poisoning 10

Proposal to investigate Minh Chay pate causing poisoning 10

The Food Safety Department requested Hanoi City Police to investigate and handle the case of Pate Minh Chay containing toxins that poisoned many people.

The document signed by Deputy Director Nguyen Hung Long on September 1 mentioned that Minh Chay pate product of Hoi Lifestyle Company contained Clostridium botulinum bacteria, causing many people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to be hospitalized due to poisoning, with

The Department requested the police to investigate, verify and handle the case.

According to the Department’s announcement, from July 13 to August 18, at least 9 people were hospitalized due to poisoning after eating Minh Chay pate.

The first information about suspected poisoning caused by Clostridium botulinum bacteria was raised by Bach Mai Hospital on August 19.

On August 28, the National Institute for Food Safety Testing and the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Public Health both announced results saying that whole cans of Minh Chay pate samples contained the above bacteria.

The Department of Food Safety, on August 29, announced an urgent warning about Minh Chay pate, asking the public to stop using all products of the New Lifestyle company and recall the products.

Ho Chi Minh City has verified nearly 1,300 customers who bought nearly 1,500 boxes of Minh Chay pate, only recovering about 10% of the products.

Minh Chay brand representative, on the company website, admitted that the information about pate causing poisoning was correct, apologized to consumers and called on those who had purchased the product to recall the product.

Botulinum is the most powerful toxin in the world, and can cause death in just a very small dose.

Vietnam currently does not have anti-toxin serum and must import it from abroad.

The box of Minh Chay pate was used by the couple, then poisoned, and kept at Bach Mai Hospital.

Thuy Quynh

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