Proposal to change the name of citizen identification card to identification card 4

Proposal to change the name of citizen identification card to identification card 4

According to the draft Law on Identification, on the face of the card, the words citizen identification card will be changed to ID, hometown to place of birth registration/place of birth, place of permanent residence changed to place of residence.

The draft Identity Law (amended) was discussed by the National Assembly on October 25 and is expected to vote for approval on November 27.

The Ministry of Public Security explains the change of name to identity card to match the names of citizen identification cards around the world.

The National Defense and Security Committee believes that changing information shown on identification cards has been specifically evaluated during the law-making process;

In a survey conducted in mid-March with more than 22,000 participants, 58% of VnExpress readers agreed to remove fingerprint and hometown content on citizen identification cards.

Currently, many types of documents coexist such as citizen identification cards, barcode citizen identification cards, and chip-embedded citizen identification cards.

Not only the name of the card, the draft law also proposes to change the name of the Law on Citizen Identification to the Law on Identification.

Since then, the draft has proposed issuing identification cards to Vietnamese citizens and issuing identification certificates to people of Vietnamese origin (currently only issuing identification cards to Vietnamese citizens).

One of the new points of the draft is that information on identification cards such as fingerprints and identifying characteristics has been collected into the database, so it will not be printed on the card as currently.

On the back, the Ministry of Public Security proposed to omit the fingerprints of the left index finger, right index finger and identifying characteristics.

For the first time, there is an electronic citizen identification card

Up to now, people’s identity cards or citizen identification cards have only been available in hard copies.

Accordingly, electronic identification is the identity of Vietnamese citizens shown through an electronic identification account created by the electronic identification and authentication system (VNeID).

Article 31 of the draft states that each citizen will only have one electronic identity card to carry out administrative procedures, public administrative services and perform other transactions and activities according to the needs of the citizen.

The electronic identity card will contain basic information about identification and information authenticated from the national database and specialized databases at the request of citizens.

Proposal to change the name of citizen identification card to identification card

Citizen identification card with chip.

Issue identification cards to people under 14 years old

The draft proposes to issue citizen identification cards to people under 14 years old, including the group under 6 years old.

For children under 6 years old, if their birth has not been registered, an ID card will be issued when they register their birth.

If the child is 6 years old or older, the parent or guardian must take it to the management agency to receive a facial photo when carrying out identification procedures.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, people under 14 years old who are issued an ID card can use it or through their parents for vaccination, medical examination, treatment, education, travel,…

Citizen identification cards issued before the effective date of the Identification Law can still be used normally until the expiration date stated on the card.

A valid ID card is still valid until December 31, 2024.

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