Philippine professor: 'Cooperation with Vietnam will be more than just volleyball exchanges in Truong Sa' 0

Philippine professor: 'Cooperation with Vietnam will be more than just volleyball exchanges in Truong Sa' 0

The establishment of a strategic partnership between Vietnam and the Philippines is expected to open up greater cooperation on security on a regional scale.

The Vietnamese Navy welcomed the Philippine delegation to Song Tu Tay island for an exchange last year.

Dr. Jay Batongbacal, director of the Philippine Institute of Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, talked to VnExpress about the prospects for future cooperation between Vietnam and the Philippines, after the two countries signed a declaration on November 17.

– How do you evaluate the establishment of a Strategic Partnership between Vietnam and the Philippines?

– The relationship between the two countries will be raised to new heights, not only in terms of trade and culture, but more importantly, in terms of defense and military.

The concept covers a broader range of issues and concerns in the two countries’ relationship and would promote political and economic cooperation, along with security, but the dispute in the South China Sea appears to be of

I think it will initially be characterized by better communication, closer strategic coordination and cooperation, and the two countries will seek a level of comfort and trust in working with each other.

– What opportunities does the new level of relationship open for the two sides to cooperate on security and defense?

Security concerns seem to be the common motivation for Vietnam and the Philippines to decide to go to this level of cooperation.

Such a formal relationship will help ensure that the spirit of cooperation between the two sides is maintained and expanded, bringing benefits in that they are guided by clearer policy directions.

– What areas can the two sides promote cooperation in the East Sea?

– The biggest common concern is the perception of territory at sea, when activities and incidents in the East Sea arising from disputes can appear, far beyond the control of each country.

Environmental management and marine science could also be suitable areas of cooperation, given that the two countries have previously cooperated in scientific research and actively participated in scientific communities.

– How does the strategic partnership between Vietnam and the Philippines affect the dispute in the East Sea?

– In fact, the Strategic Partnership has no impact on the dispute, as the two countries have completely accepted the status quo in the East Sea with respect for the other side’s demands.

Additionally, the Strategic Partnership could increase pressure on China to reduce its aggressive and intrusive tactics, in light of a formal agreement and the possibility of joint action by the two countries among the parties.

The two sides can cooperate largely through information exchange and mutual support when opposing China.

– What is the trend of cooperation on a broader scale in the region in the coming time?

– It can be said that the Philippines and Vietnam mark the latest step in an ongoing process of greater cooperation between ASEAN countries and major partners outside the region such as the US and Japan.

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