Parents of American soldiers were disappointed and hurt when their children died at Kabul airport 6

Parents of American soldiers were disappointed and hurt when their children died at Kabul airport 6

Nikoui followed the news hoping his son was safe after the bombing in Kabul, until three soldiers came to his house to report his death.

On August 25, Corporal Kareem Nikoui, 20 years old, sent home a video showing him handing out candy to Afghan children at Kabul airport.

Steve Nikoui stared at the television news hoping his son could be safe after the attack, and then three marines came to the house to tell him the heartbreaking news.

`My child was born the same year the war began, and ended his life with the end of this war,` Nikoui said from his home in Norco, California on August 27, referring to the year 2001, when

The US Department of Defense has not officially released the names of the soldiers killed at Kabul airport, but information about them began to emerge after family and friends were notified.

Nikoui is waiting for a Marine Corps liaison to come to his home to help arrange for him and his wife to be taken to the Air Force base in Delaware, where their son’s body will be repatriated in the coming days.

`I’m really disappointed with how the President handled this, and even more angry with how the military handled it. Field commanders should have recognized this threat and addressed it,` he said.

Flowers and souvenirs were placed outside the Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California on August 27 to commemorate the soldiers killed in the Kabul airport bombing.

Another soldier killed was Marine Rylee McCollum of Wyoming.

`He wants to be a marine all his life, wearing a rifle and combat boots,` Roice, Rylee’s younger sister, posted on Facebook on August 27, adding that Rylee wanted to become a history teacher and combat coach.

Regi Stone, whose son Eli joined the army at the same time as Rylee McCollum, described him as `smart, strong and courageous`.

`We know we will always support each other. He is a patriot and wants to make a difference,` Stone said.

Marilyn is the older sister of Army medic Max Soviak, who also died in the attack.

Soviak’s death was also confirmed on Twitter by Senator Rob Portman, representing Ohio, his home state.

His last post carried many omens.

Hunter Lopez, 22, the other Marine killed in the explosion, was the son of a California police officer.

The explosion also claimed the life of Sergeant Taylor Hoover from Utah, according to a Facebook post by his aunt, Brittany Jones Barnett.

`The world has lost a true source of light. Our hearts are broken. We are shocked, in disbelief, horrified, sad, hurt and angry,` she said.

The father of Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz, 20, called a local radio station in Missouri on August 27 to talk about his son’s death and his passion for military activities.

`My son is not the type of person who likes to sit around, complete four years of military service and then leave. He wants to be in a situation where he really makes a difference,` said Mark Schmitz, adding that his son plays

Jared Schmitz’s last post publicly displayed on Facebook was a photo dated July 29 at the archaeological site of Petra, Jordan.

Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K), the Afghan branch of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS), admitted carrying out the bombing.

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