Office workers 'crave' to work from home 14

Office workers 'crave' to work from home 14

The female director proposed to pay the iced tea seller to look after the more than 70 cars of employees working in the office.

How does your company let employees work online?

`Honey, you can just look after the car for me for a few days, I’ll pay you a decent salary, but there are so many people in the car, how can I not be like this?`

Looking back, the parking lot was littered with more than 70 motorbikes. I suddenly shook my head in frustration.

The characteristics of the Vietnamese business system are usually small businesses, about 30-100 people, with revenue not too high.

Since the early days of the epidemic prevention, office businesses have been encouraged to switch to working online.

Therefore, business productivity will decline when starting to implement this unprecedented working model.

However, from the perspective of risk planning, we must reevaluate.

Businesses will be completely passive, surprised and have no response plan.

And so, although working online will initially reduce productivity, it will give businesses the ability to spread risks.

Not to mention, working online is considered a new working model that is more progressive than the traditional office model.

Furthermore, from the employee’s perspective, in these times, everyone wants to stay home, not necessarily to protect society but simply to protect themselves and their families.

Of course, once said, one must say again.

Finally, through this story of finding a parking attendant, I only hope that businesses will take the implementation of remote working more seriously.

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