Nguyen Bich Lan 'save' herself through adversity 4

Nguyen Bich Lan 'save' herself through adversity 4

28 kg, Nguyen Bich Lan's body weight, is something that can be measured, but her extraordinary determination in life to become a literary translator is something that is difficult to measure.

Duong Tu Thanh

Everyone still knows her as a translator of literary books, but recently, Bich Lan published a collection of poems `Living in Waiting` as a gift to life and those who love her.

– The rare disease changed your life in a bad direction, but then what made it change in the opposite direction?

– The thirst for life, the love of everyone, of life.

Nguyen Bich Lan in his working corner.

– Do you think that in a certain sense, everyone has their own tragedy?

– I wouldn’t call it a tragedy.

– When will girl Nguyen Bich Lan feel like she is no longer unhappy?

– I have felt happy for a long time.

– You once confided, `When I’m sad, I think of others who are even sadder than me`, but when you’re happy, what do you often think of?

– When I’m happy, I think about the fairness of life.

There is a proverb that says `a person who has health has hundreds of wishes, and a person who is not healthy has only one wish, which is to have health`, but it seems that in addition to the wish for health, she

– I am a person with enough mental health to nurture my aspirations.

– `It’s not the number of years of waiting that makes a good waiter, it’s how you live while waiting that’s crucial,` she wrote in `Living in Waiting`, and she lived like that.

– There is no cure for my disease (Nguyen Bich Lan has had muscular dystrophy since he was 13 years old, a very rare disease – PV).

Nguyen Bich Lan 'save' herself through adversity

Book by Nguyen Bich Lan.

– Ignoring the circumstances and the will to rise up in life, the name Nguyen Bich Lan in the field of translated literature has been recognized, but in the field of writing, she is taking the first steps, having released her first book.

– I want to say this: any translated book of mine comes out, I will be as happy and moved as the first one.

– `Pick up a hundred things that have already happened / Just hope to save yourself once`, it seems like `picking up` yourself from the pit of personal tragedy has always been your aspiration in life and in writing?

– I think everyone has the desire to `rescue` themselves from unwanted things (I don’t use the word `tragedy`).

– And with what is shown in `Living in Waiting`, do you think you have fulfilled that aspiration?

– If you live a life like mine, you always need to have aspirations.

– The short stories in `Living in Waiting` are more or less autobiographical, and Nguyen Bich Lan’s life will be a meaningful autobiography. Do you intend to write an autobiography?

– I’m writing my autobiography.

– What do you intend to convey in the autobiography you are writing?

– I recount my journey of overcoming difficulties.

– The National Young Writers Conference is about to take place. Although you cannot attend the Conference, you are still looking forward to it. Among the young faces attending the conference, who do you want to meet?

– I want to meet everyone who has been invited to the conference.

Made by Duong Tu Thanh

Nguyen Bich Lan was born in 1976 in Thai Binh.

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