Nadal: 'I'm not obsessed with the Grand Slam like Djokovic' 1

Nadal: 'I'm not obsessed with the Grand Slam like Djokovic' 1

Rafael Nadal believes that the Grand Slam is not the biggest destination for him, even though he holds the record of winning 20 times.

Rafael Nadal just had a conversation with Metro newspaper on April 19, on the occasion of renewing an advertising contract for a Dutch beer brand.

Djokovic and Nadal own a total of 38 Grand Slams.

`I am satisfied with what I have done over the past two decades,` Nadal shared when asked about the `Big 3` Grand Slam race.

Thanks to the Roland Garros 2020 championship, Nadal increased the number of Grand Slams in his career to 20 – equal to Roger Federer’s record.

Nadal believes his fierce competition with Djokovic and Federer has helped him become a better tennis player: `When you face big opponents, you figure out what you have to do to become better. Roger is your opponent.`

Regarding the future, the tennis player who will turn 35 years old next June admitted that he has reached the end of his career: `I just signed an advertising contract until 2024 but will I be able to play until then? Nothing is certain.`

After being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Monte Carlo Masters last week, Nadal will attend the Barcelona Open this week.

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