Murray and his 10-year journey to find the title on clay 2

Murray and his 10-year journey to find the title on clay 2

A decade of nothing on clay, `suddenly` in just one week, two consecutive championships came to Andy Murray.

At the age of 15, Murray left his native Scotland to go to Barcelona, Spain to train and play for a long time on clay courts at the Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy.

Murray’s playing style is developed with a focus on defense and those skills make his speed on clay slower than players who use attack as a guideline.

Murray (right) was professionally trained in tennis on clay courts, but glory on this court kept eluded him until he won consecutive crowns at the ATP Munich and then the Madrid Masters.

The period 2012 to early 2014 is considered the most successful period of Murray’s career when he was led by the tennis legend in the open era, Ivan Lendle, winning two Grand Slam titles including the 2012 US Open.

However, just a few weeks after the separation of teachers and students, Murray reached the semi-finals of Roland Garros 2014, and only gave up his racket against defending champion Rafael Nadal after three sets 6-3, 6-2 and 6-1.

In 2014, Murray under Mauresmo won three titles.

But the Murray – Mauresmo team reached four finals in 2015, including the Australian Open Grand Slam, two Masters 1000 (Indian Wells and Madrid Masters), in addition to an ATP 250 at the Munich Open.

Murray and his 10-year journey to find the title on clay

Mauresmo’s clay court experience has been of great help to Murray since he chose her as his coach.

`I’m looking to see what happens to Amélie, because I don’t know anything. I think with what she prioritizes, she will do everything she can to protect it,` Murray said in the Guardian (

This information caused Murray to quickly look for a new teacher to replace him.

`Obviously I have to find a suitable coach at any cost, this is the most urgent and necessary task right now,` Murray told Independent (UK) at the end of April when his job was confirmed.

A few days before the Munich Open, Jonas Bjorkman stepped in to work with Andy Murray’s entire coaching staff.

And just a week later, Bjorkman’s mark was even clearer when Murray crossed the finish line at the Masters 1000 Madrid Open with a convincing victory over Rafael Nadal in the final.

Murray and his 10-year journey to find the title on clay

Winning the Madrid Masters is Murray’s most glorious victory on clay, but it is only the first step for him towards a higher position on this surface – Roland Garros.

`I was stuck with the arguments of many people when deciding to hire Amélie instead of Ivan, like when my parents gave arguments for their divorce before. I was really upset. But

It can be said that although these recent achievements are just the first steps in Andy Murray’s tennis career on a surface that he is not highly appreciated.

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