More than 400 people who vandalized during the protest were arrested 4

More than 400 people who vandalized during the protest were arrested 4

Binh Duong police have arrested many people for inciting acts of destroying and robbing property of businesses in industrial parks in Binh Duong.

Talking to VnExpress, Major General Vo Thanh Duc, Director of Binh Duong Provincial Police, said that by this afternoon, the provincial police had arrested more than 400 people who were believed to have incited workers to cause trouble and vandalism.

* Photo: Desolate scene after protests in Binh Duong

Also this morning, thousands of people with national flags continued to march in groups on the streets of VSIP I industrial park, Thuan An town (Binh Duong) to protest against China.

At Esquel Garment Garment Company, hundreds of people tried to rush in but were stopped by a protective wall of company workers, raising the slogan: `Protecting the company is protecting jobs.`

Esquel Garment workers formed a barrier to prevent extremists from entering the company.

The night before, the Esquel Garment company was attacked by hundreds of people, and the ruins still remain.

Meanwhile, Maxim Company on Street No. 6 was still filled with smoke, believed to have been set on fire by extremists.

Head of the Propaganda Department of Binh Duong province Nguyen Minh Giao informed that the provincial leaders have met and it is expected that this afternoon or tomorrow morning, the province will send a working delegation to visit and encourage affected businesses.

Previously, on May 13, about 19,000 workers participated in a march protesting China’s actions that violated Vietnam’s sovereignty over islands and islands.

In the rush of people marching through the streets, there were many people covered in tattoos, screaming in excitement around them.

More than 400 people who vandalized during the protest were arrested

The Ministry of Public Security has coordinated with Binh Duong Police to stabilize the situation.

Meanwhile, many businesses in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan… were afraid of people marching into their headquarters causing trouble, so they proactively let their workers leave.

However, some people incited the crowd to destroy the gates, fences and property of the business, causing chaos.

According to a report by the Labor Federation of Binh Duong province, workers gathered at the gate of VSIP industrial park received flags and red shirts with yellow stars from the giver for free.

Hundreds of companies have had their property broken into and their property destroyed, most of which are Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean businesses.

In response to the above developments, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has issued a document clearly stating that it is illegal for workers to take extreme actions such as voluntarily quitting their jobs, destroying factories, machinery, and equipment.

The General Confederation requires affiliated units to assign grassroots officials to closely monitor the situation and the manifestations of some extremists mixing in to incite workers…

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