More than 2.7 million workers are in debt for social insurance 6

More than 2.7 million workers are in debt for social insurance 6

Across the country, there are 2.79 million workers who are owed social insurance payments by their businesses for one month or more, of which nearly 213,400 people have their benefits suspended because the debt is difficult to collect.

According to statistics from Vietnam Social Insurance, cumulatively by the end of 2022, there are more than 2.13 million workers whose social insurance payments have been delayed by businesses from one to less than three months;

Late payment occurred in all types of businesses with an interest amount of more than 13,150 billion VND, accounting for 2.91% of total receivables.

Hanoi leads in the rate of enterprises delaying social insurance payments with 3,660 billion VND;

Mr. Duong Van Hao, Head of the Collection Management Department – Books and Cards, said that the difficult-to-recover debt has existed since 1995 – the time of implementing the social insurance policy until now.

`In fact, these workers cannot wait for businesses to resume operations or have a source of payment, so they change jobs or other businesses to continue participating in the system,` Mr. Hao said, adding that in the future if businesses

According to Mr. Hao, there are many proposals to handle businesses that are slow to pay social insurance, such as adding sanctions and blocking accounts, but the sanctions need to be considered to create conditions for businesses to overcome and keep jobs for workers.

Workers line up to withdraw one-time social insurance at Thu Duc City Social Insurance (HCMC) at the end of 2022. Photo: Thanh Tung

Vietnam Social Insurance has issued a written request to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to resolve nearly 213,400 workers whose social insurance debt is difficult to recover from businesses.

In addition to strengthening inspections of businesses that are slow to pay, Vietnam Social Insurance recommends that the National Assembly soon issue a resolution on handling social insurance debt for businesses that have gone bankrupt, dissolved, and whose owners are foreigners who have fled Vietnam.

Current law stipulates that when terminating a labor contract, the enterprise is responsible for confirming with the Social Insurance agency the time of social insurance payment and returning the book to the employee.

Decision 505/2020 of Vietnam Social Insurance stipulates that if an enterprise owes money but the employee is eligible to receive social insurance or terminates the contract, that unit is responsible for paying full social insurance for the employee, including

In case the enterprise has not paid in full, confirm the book until the time it was closed, and after recovering the debt, add the closing time.

Employees have the right to complain to the Chief Inspector of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs or file a lawsuit to the People’s Court where the enterprise is headquartered regarding violations.

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