Miss Ky Duyen: 'I'm embarrassed when I keep being complained about being late' 6

Miss Ky Duyen: 'I'm embarrassed when I keep being complained about being late' 6

The beauty opened up about the scandals that occurred during her reign as Miss Universe, which lasted two years.

– She just was complained about being more than an hour late to the Miss Vietnam press conference in Hanoi.

– First of all, I would like to apologize to the organizers, guests and media present at the press conference on July 5.

To have this incident happen twice in a row within a month, to be honest, I’m very embarrassed.

– Recently, she has also been involved in many scandals, such as thanks to `plastic surgery`, her face has changed a lot compared to when she was first crowned.

– I think at each age, people have different beauty.

As for whether to use plastic surgery or not, I have answered many times, whether or not it is up to the audience to believe.

Ky Duyen attracted attention at the Miss Vietnam 2016 press conference when she appeared late and dressed quite old for her age.

– What do you think when being called the most scandalous Miss Vietnam ever?

– As a very young girl, I did not have much experience and professionalism when entering showbiz.

Every time I read the audience’s criticism, I certainly can’t be happy.

– Why do you seem cold and unapproachable compared to other beauty queens and runner-ups?

– Previously, I felt that my smile was not beautiful, so I was very shy to smile in front of the camera as well as at press conferences and events.

– Why did you decide to move south?

– Before, when I was in Hanoi, I was constantly going in and out of Saigon, sometimes flying in and out several times a week.

Miss Ky Duyen: 'I'm embarrassed when I keep being complained about being late'

Miss Ky Duyen (second left) competes with Ngoc Han, Thuy Van, Tu Anh, Huyen My.

– There’s just over a month left before I have to give up the throne to the new beauty queen.

– First of all, I feel happy that the Miss Vietnam contest is about to find a worthy person to continue the 28-year tradition.

– What advice do you give to this year’s Miss Vietnam contestants?

– In any beauty contest, once they reach the final round, the contestants are all beautiful flowers.

Once you have won a high prize, you should also prepare yourself for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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