Miss International 2012 received death threats 4

Miss International 2012 received death threats 4

Ikumi Yoshimatsu's life is threatened by a powerful man in Japanese showbiz.

On her Facebook on December 11, the current Miss International shared the reason she could not accompany the contestants of Miss International 2013 – the competition taking place in Japan.

The beauty said that over the past year, she was constantly harassed and threatened by a man.

According to information published in JapanTimes, the beauty filed a complaint against harassment and threats on December 11.

`Today, I filed a complaint against Genichi Taniguchi, who last December grabbed me, dragged me into the dressing room and tried to kidnap me,` Ikumi Yoshimatsu wrote.

Miss International 2012.

According to the petition, the harassment began shortly after Ikumi became the first Japanese beauty to be crowned Miss International in the pageant’s 52-year history.

In mid-December 2012, about 2 months after being crowned Miss International 2012, Ikumi met a person named Kazuyoshi Ishii – who was being convicted of tax evasion.

Ikumi founded his own company called IY Global, choosing film producer Matt Taylor as its international representative to expand its global operations.

On December 30, 2012, after Ikumi finished filming NTV’s year-end special program, Genichi Taniguchi suddenly appeared at the studio.

Miss International 2012 received death threats

Ikumi in a fashion photo.

Also according to Ikumi, Genichi Taniguchi also called Miss International representative to threaten to ruin the contest if Ikumi appeared.

However, after a period of silence, the beauty queen decided to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Along with the application, Ikumi Yoshimatsu attached audio tapes, videos and photos as evidence of the harassment.

Producer Matt Taylor admitted that there was trouble between him and Genichi Taniguchi, but it did not involve Ikumi.

Miss International’s representative has not commented on the incident.

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