Mesut Ozil - why is it so bad? 0

Mesut Ozil - why is it so bad? 0

Being left out of all Arsenal plans in the first half of this season is a consequence of Mesut Ozil losing form and humiliating the club many times.

Ozil joined Arsenal in 2013, playing 233 matches.

*Arsenal – Leicester: 2:15 a.m. Monday, October 26, Hanoi time.

As soon as he learned that he was not registered to play, Ozil posted and implied that the board of directors `lacked sincerity` towards him.

On the other hand, coach Mikel Arteta affirmed that Ozil lost his position purely because of professional factors.

With a passer like Ozil, assists are always a measure of performance.

`Compared to a weekly salary of 445,000 USD, Ozil’s contribution is too small and disproportionate,` Sky commented.

Another reason why Ozil fell out of favor is his training attitude.

Mesut Ozil - why is it so bad?

Ozil has not played for Arsenal since early March – when the tournaments returned after Covid-19.

However, it was Ozil’s actions that pushed him into his current situation.

The relationship between Arsenal and Ozil has continued to deteriorate in recent times.

Most recently, when Arsenal fired an employee wearing a Gunnersaurus dinosaur costume, Ozil posted again announcing that he would pay this person’s salary.

The Telegraph affirms that Ozil is not anyone’s victim in the war with Arsenal.

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