Many young people would rather be unemployed than work manually 4

Many young people would rather be unemployed than work manually 4

“What's good about doing simple, repetitive work?

At 25 years old, after three years without a job, Long began to feel hopeless.

According to the General Statistics Office’s report on the socio-economic situation in the third quarter of last year, more than 55% of the total 1.1 million unemployed people in Vietnam were aged 15-24.

The above numbers show the difficult battle that young people are facing in finding jobs that suit their desires and abilities.

Director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Vietnam Chang-hee Lee commented: `Although Vietnam does not have an alarmingly high youth unemployment rate like many other countries, quality jobs are guaranteed.

Workers line up to take the civil servant recruitment exam at a Ministry agency in Hanoi.

Many experts believe that young people, especially new graduates, have difficulty finding jobs mainly because companies want to recruit experienced candidates.

Nguyen Bich Thuy, 28 years old, has experienced that difficulty.

`I’m not confident that I will find a stable job in the future,` Thuy said.

Another cause of the high unemployment rate among young people is that young people, especially new graduates, would rather accept unemployment than do manual labor, experts say.

There is no shortage of jobs in factories.

Mr. Vu Quang Thanh, Deputy Director of Hanoi Employment Service Center, said that businesses in textiles, garments, leather shoes, and wooden furniture… in industrial parks in Hanoi regularly organize large recruitment rounds.

Experts say many young people consider factory work low-level and don’t want to do it.

Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Doan Mau Diep said that many people are unemployed mainly because they want to find jobs with good income in fields that require high qualifications such as finance, business management or

For Mr. Long, finding a satisfactory job is very difficult, but joining the `blue collar` force will be unthinkable.

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