Kpop - Korea's peace propaganda tool 0

Kpop - Korea's peace propaganda tool 0

Every year, South Korea holds a concert that brings together many stars of the music industry right near the border with North Korea.

About 25,000 people attended the performance at Nuri Peace Park, near the South Korea-North Korea border on August 12.

At Nuri Peace Park, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, which is only about 5 kilometers from the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, a large-scale music performance attracting thousands of attendees was held.

`We cannot let war happen again. Do you agree with me?`

`Let’s say ‘No’ to missiles, ‘No’ to nuclear weapons and ‘We want peace’. Who knows, on the other side, North Korea can hear us,` Mr. Jung encouraged

However, their enthusiasm at that time was nothing compared to the excitement when Kpop stars like Girls’ Generation, BTOB, Cosmic Girls, Mamamoo, and GFriend took the stage.

Nam Hyung-jin, a first-year student majoring in Chinese, traveled more than 100 kilometers to attend this performance.

`If standing here, right near the border with North Korea, and enjoying Kpop isn’t freedom, then what is freedom?`, Nam said.

Kpop - Korea's peace propaganda tool

K-pop is Korea’s peace propaganda tool

The music performance near the South Korea-North Korea border attracted thousands of people.

This is the 7th time the government of Gyeonggi province has collaborated with national television channel MBC to organize a music performance for peace near the demilitarized zone between the two regions.

`South Korean youth don’t seem to be interested in unifying the two Koreas,` said Mr. Kim Nan-young, deputy minister of Unification in charge of culture, emphasizing that events like this will help change minds

The South Korean government’s efforts are clearly working for teenagers like 15-year-old Kim Ha-min, from the city of Incheon, located on the western outskirts of the capital Seoul.

`The lyrics of the song made me realize that ordinary people in North Korea are just like us. And they are only one border away from us,` Kim said, pointing north.

The power of culture

Kpop - Korea's peace propaganda tool

`I hope North Koreans heard the songs and messages of peace in this show ` said Kim Na-young, 14 years old.

Between performances, on a large electronic screen, the organizers played a video of Kpop stars imagining a day when the two Koreas would be unified, when Koreans would go on vacation to the North.

`The government uses Kpop as bait to lure teenagers to this performance and fill their heads with the wish to unify the two regions,` said an audience member surnamed Yang.

`There is something wrong with using Kpop artists to attract people’s attention to the issue of unification,` commented Cho Eun-sol, 26, from the capital Seoul, `That is not

However, Ms. Cho’s boyfriend, a software engineer, thinks differently.

`That’s why people should care and if Kpop artists can influence people then it’s good.`

The performance ended with a chorus from all the artists.

`Before coming here, I felt scared because it’s so close to the North Korean border,` Kim Na-young, 14, said after the performance, `But now I feel very happy. I understand.`

`I hope North Koreans heard the songs and messages of peace in this program.`

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