Korean people's mixed reactions to the inter-Korean summit 0

Korean people's mixed reactions to the inter-Korean summit 0

Some South Koreans are optimistic about the inter-Korean summit, others are skeptical of Pyongyang's motives, and some don't care.

Mr. Lee Je-bong, an 84-year-old retired teacher, is skeptical about Pyongyang’s motives ahead of the inter-Korean summit on April 27.

`My hope for the North-South summit taking place on April 27 is that the South Korean president will not be fooled,` English teacher Lew Je-bong told AFP in a skeptical voice.

Having spent his childhood in the flames of the Korean War that lasted from 1950 to 1953, Mr. Lew remembers walking for many days with his family, fleeing his hometown when the capital Pyongyang was occupied.

According to Mr. Lew, leader Kim Jong-un is hiding his true intentions and believes that Seoul needs to learn from the times when Pyongyang broke its commitments.

But in 1998, Pyongyang conducted its first long-range ballistic missile test.

By the end of 2002, Washington accused Pyongyang of secretly conducting a uranium enrichment program, violating the agreement signed in 1994. In August 2004, North Korea announced that it had broken the nuclear program agreement signed with

Pyongyang is `the world’s biggest liar`, commented the 84-year-old retired teacher.

Having gone through a devastating war period, Mr. Lew considered the country’s security the most important thing and believed that the United States would never allow a situation where North Korea attacked South Korea.


Korean people's mixed reactions to the inter-Korean summit

Lee Jeong-jin, a 52-year-old businessman, hopes the inter-Korean summit will open up opportunities to unify the North and South.

On the contrary, Mr. Lee Jeong-jin, a 52-year-old businessman, almost burst into tears when he heard that the leaders of South Korea and North Korea were about to meet.

`We are one but have been divided for nearly 70 years. When the two sides are willing to overcome differences and negotiate peace, that is a big step forward,` Mr. Lee said and expected foreign progress.

Mr. Lee supports the two regions unifying to create an economy with nearly 100 million people `that can withstand all changes from the outside`.

`I don’t understand why we have to think that the inter-Korean conference is a fraudulent move. If so, what’s the point of dialogue?` Mr. Lee rejected the notion that Pyongyang sat at the conference table.


Korean people's mixed reactions to the inter-Korean summit

Choi Won-young, a 19-year-old hip-hop artist, is not interested in the inter-Korean summit.

Before the historic meeting, Korean and international press simultaneously reported on this event, but Choi Won-young, a professional hip-hop person, was completely unconcerned.

`I saw it posted in the press but didn’t research it carefully,` the 19-year-old man with dyed blonde hair and earrings, said.

Young Koreans like Choi do not have many connections with North Korea.

When it comes to unifying the two regions, some young Koreans are concerned about the financial burden on the South and the future of competition in a cheap labor market.

`I don’t really see the need for unification,` Choi said.

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