Ivanka Trump - the ideal female model of the Chinese people 2

Ivanka Trump - the ideal female model of the Chinese people 2

Chinese people love Ivanka Trump because of her beautiful appearance, independence, bravery and more importantly, they like the way she shows her love for Chinese culture.

Ivanka Trump is called a `goddess` on Chinese social networks, while the mainstream press spends many flattering words such as `elegant`, `charismatic` or `seductive` to describe her daughter.

Inheriting the beauty of her mother’s mixed Czech and Slovak blood;

Chinese people compare Ivanka Trump to Li Bingbing

Xinhua News Agency posted a video comparing the beauty of Ivanka Trump and Li Bingbing

Oriental beauty

The public constantly compares Ivanka Trump’s appearance with national beauties like Li Bingbing to find similarities between her and Chinese people.

`I don’t understand why Ivanka’s beauty mixed with Scottish, German and Czech blood has hidden Asian beauty. I am completely captivated by her,` one person commented on social networks.

`Chinese women don’t like sharp cheekbones. They prefer rounder, softer faces with sweet beauty, like Ivanka’s face,` according to Liz Goodno, representative of the photo editing application Meitu.

`I find Ivanka so beautiful by both Western and Eastern standards,` a girl who had plastic surgery in Foshan city, Guangdong province, southeast China, told Refinery magazine.

Many plastic surgery hospitals design service packages `Yi Wan Ka`, Ivanka Trump’s Chinese name, promising to help customers possess the flawless beauty of the US President’s daughter.

`She is truly the standard of beauty that Asian women aim for when having plastic surgery. I will have surgery to have a nose exactly like hers,` said one woman.

`Rich people overcome difficulties`

Ivanka Trump attracts the Chinese public not only because of her appearance.

The children of China’s nouveau riche are despised, even hated, for their profligate and extravagant lifestyles.

`They only know how to show off their wealth, but don’t know how to create wealth,` the United Front Committee of the Chinese Communist Party warned in an editorial.

The government is also looking for ways to re-educate this wealthy generation.

`When reading news about super rich kids, people think they have everything, including money, but they are not only lazy but also don’t bother to get involved in the family business. Ivanka Trump is the complete opposite.`

The Chinese have a saying `No one is rich with three surnames`.

`Ivanka was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, but this princess is not spoiled like many Phu Er Dai in China,` online newspaper Gong Zhong Hao wrote.

`She is beautiful, rich and comes from a great family background but still works hard to build a career and pursue her dreams,` the article praised.

Ivanka Trump - the ideal female model of the Chinese people

The video of Ivanka dancing with her son went viral

In the eyes of Chinese people, Ivanka Trump meets all three elements of a successful person: beautiful appearance, intelligent mind and noble temperament.

Although the Western press accused her father, President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner of having connections with the Russian government, Ivanka Trump’s image in the eyes of the Chinese people was not damaged at all.

`The scandals (about Ivanka Trump’s family) that we are spreading are nothing compared to the corruption that Xi Jinping has declared to eliminate in recent years,` said historian Cunningham.

`Here, government officials and their families abuse their power to gain wealth. Meanwhile, Ivanka just gets more special treatment. Taking advantage of family connections and support is the key.`

Promoting Chinese culture

After Ivanka posted a video of her eldest daughter Arabella singing in Chinese on Instagram, it had more than 1.7 million views and the number of comments increased 10 times compared to normal.

Ivanka Trump - the ideal female model of the Chinese people

Ivanka Trump’s daughter sings to welcome Xi Jinping

Ivanka Trump’s eldest daughter sings to welcome Mr. Xi Jinping and his wife

`All of that clearly shows that she values China and sees China as a great power,` Cunningham explained.

`Chinese families want their children to be good at English, while she lets her children learn Chinese,` the historian emphasized. Ivanka Trump highly appreciates China’s future role on the international stage.

`I think she makes China more known to the world,` one Wechat user commented.

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